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Script both SQL database objects and data
Create executable installation packages
Script objects directly to a source control project
Automate SQL database scripting and migrations
Integrate with all popular SC systems e.g. Git, SVN
Script an entire server down to individual columns
Save customized scripting profiles as projects
Easily decrypt some/all encrypted database objects


SQL scripting

Script both objects and data from various databases simultaneously. Learn more

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Multiple output options

Script SQL Server database to a single SQL file, individual scripts, source control project, C# solution or an executable installer. Learn more

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Multi-database processing

Combine objects and data from multiple SQL databases into single SQL script, installer or solution

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Visual object filtering

Selectively limit what will be scripted with advanced, visual filtering

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Accurate dependencies

Recognize all object interdependencies, even those that even SQL Server itself fails to identify, leveraging ApexSQL’s proprietary dependency parser

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Extended properties editor

Leverage the extended properties that already exist to add detail and context to your objects

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Source control integration

Native support for Subversion, Team Foundation Server, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce. Learn more

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Schema mapping

Use schema mapping to ensure error-free cross-environment migrations. Learn more

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Transparent decryption

Script encrypted objects seamlessly. Learn more

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Database installer

Deploy SQL databases to remote clients with a single click using executable installers. Learn more

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Deployment packages

Port SQL databases to a C# solution. Learn more

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Export to source control

Quickly map, port and label your entire database to source control. Learn more

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Data filtering

Filter objects and data that are included in your scripts

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Column level scripting

Specify the data to be scripted down to the column level

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Custom SQL scripts

Augment the deployment script with your own pre or post synchronization scripts

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Customizable scripting options

Customize script formatting, compression, installer, and many more or just use ApexSQL defaults

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Display options

Set data and object grouping, column readability and multiple column sorting

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Native IDE

Use the built in SQL editor to review and even edit scripts prior to execution

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Visual themes

Customize the visual appearance with interface themes. Learn more

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ApexSQL Script 2018 – Screen shot tour

This article represents a screen shot tour of ApexSQL Script features with a brief description

SQL Server bulk copy and bulk import and export techniques

This article explains how to copy large amounts of data from one table or set of tables to other databases

How to script encrypted SQL database objects

This article describes how to use ApexSQL Script to script encrypted objects seamlessly like any other non-encrypted object

How to script SQL Server database users with roles

This article describes how to use ApexSQL Script to script database users, with their membership in their respective database roles, in few steps without the need to be familiar with the system database tables

How to automate batch SQL object scripting and committing to source control

This article describes how to script each SQL object to an individual .sql file and commit it to the source control

Transfer SQL logins for users with a large number of SQL-authenticated logins

This article describes how to transfer SQL logins using the Copy Database Wizard, the Script Login As method, the script published in Microsoft's KB article, and ApexSQL Script

Script a database for specific DML records only

This article describes how to easily script specific data and move it from one table to another using ApexSQL Script

How to combine objects and data from multiple SQL databases in a single SQL script

This article explains how to use ApexSQL Script to create a single script from multiple sources, making it easy to apply to the target environment or the source control

How to commit SQL Server table static data to a source control repository

This article explains how to use ApexSQL Script to commit static data from a SQL database to the source control repository, either manually (commit via the GUI) and automatically (via the CLI)

How to create DDL and DML SQL scripts for specific SQL database objects only

This article explains how to use ApexSQL Script to create DML and DDL SQL scripts, making it an easy task even if it is performed repeatedly and frequently

How to export a SQL database directly to source control

This article shows how to use ApexSQL Script to export complete SQL database, or just a couple of its objects, to one of the common source control system providers

ApexSQL Script Command Line Interface (CLI) switches

This article explains the ApexSQL Script CLI switches, and their usage through the examples

How to narrow the data sub-set for object scripting

This article presents several techniques on how to narrow down the data in the scripting process

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I want to congratulate you on an excellent product [ApexSQL Script]. It has done all we need and more. In the future, I will look here first for tools. Keep up the good work

Patrick Escarcega

Laucks Testing Laboratories, Inc.

Great tool - we use ApexSQL Script for every production build at our company and it is a key component of our build process

Max Pilipis

Sr. Software Engineer

Academic Management Services

ApexSQL Script is a nifty, easy to use utility ..

Brad M. McGehee


I've found ApexSQL Script to be an invaluable tool to quickly do a job that would've taken me hours previously to accomplish. I found myself using the tool so much that I finally created a shortcut on my sacred desktop to it

Brian Knight


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