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ApexSQL Script FAQ


Yes. Select all the databases you want to script

The supported output types are T-SQL, C# solution, and Executable installer

Yes. You can set ApexSQL Script to open the created scripts in Query Analyzer, SQL Server Management Studio or some other editors

Yes. You can check the article on How to script SQL Server logins and permissions for more information

Source control systems support

Yes. Source Control system support is available in ApexSQL Script Professional

Team Foundation Server

.NET packages

Yes. To see the available options, start the executable in command line mode with either the /? or the /help switches

To run the packages, the .NET environment version 2.0 or higher must be installed

Structure mode

Yes. To script encrypted objects you must have membership in the sysadmin server role

Data mode

Yes. You can set an alias for each object that you want to script

Max column determines the maximum number of the rows that will be scripted for a particular table

Include transaction handling to enclose the scripted statements within a transaction. The transaction will be rolled in case of an error

Yes. Make sure that the Disable all triggers and constraints prior to loading data option is ON