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Find out how ApexSQL tools are licensed and take a look at the most common questions regarding licensing

Term license

Sold as a 12-month time limited term license with maintenance. The term duration begins the day the license key is issued and delivered and will stop functioning at the end of the 12-month period.

Per instance

Each SQL Server instance requires a separate license. If there are 3 SQL Server instances, 3 licenses are required. It’s irrelevant whether these 3 SQL Server instances are on a single physical machine or on separate machines. The number of licenses is not dependent on virtualization or the number of users.

Per user

Each user requires a separate license (regardless of the number of computers used (within reason)). If a single user works on multiple machines (a workstation at work, laptop, home computer, etc.), additional licenses aren’t required.

We allow our users to user the software on up to three machines. These can be changed over time if required.


This is a 12-month auto-renew subscription product. All subscription renewals will be charged at the rate quoted and will follow a 12-month billing cycle. You have the ability to opt-out of auto-renew at your discretion via the self-serve subscription management portal.


For per instance tools, the number of licenses is equal to the number of instances you will be using the tool on.

For per user tools, the number of licenses is equal to the number of users/developers that will be using the tool.

For per instance tools, no additional license is needed if you use the tool GUI on another machine to connect to an instance that's already licensed.

For per user tools, no additional license is needed, as additional computers (e.g. laptop, build machine etc.) are covered by licensing per user within reason.
The number of virtual machines isn't applicable, as licensing is based on the number of instances/users you have.
Each instance used in the mirrored environment requires a license.
Each instance on an active node requires a license. Instances on the passive nodes don't require licensing.

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