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SQL Server tools for Developers and DBAs

ApexSQL is a comprehensive tool set that streamlines and automates SQL Server database management and development processes while also addressing security and compliance. With its expansive portfolio of products, ApexSQL enables SQL Server DBAs and developers to dramatically increase their efficiency without sacrificing the quality of their work or the safety of the databases.

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Izonim, Inc.

"By the way, I want to let you know that the ApexSQL tools have become indispensable to us. They have worked flawlessly from day one and have saved us a huge amount of time and effort. Really nice software"

Steve Bernat - President

Exabyte Development

"You seem to have an incredible team of dedicated people there at ApexSQL. That was my selling point when I convinced my client to go with your product"

Robert Blomstrand - Owner / Senior Database and .Net Developer Consultant

Mission Systems Development Corp.

"Thank you for your prompt response and resolution to my problem. As always, the support and customer service I receive from ApexSQL is excellent. It's always a pleasure to deal with everyone there."

Tim Byng - Support Manager

Whitworth University

"It's good to know companies like yours still exist"

Mike Gagne - Data Warehouse dba

Iatric Systems, Inc

" an insurance policy against accidental SQL data deletion, etc... I am very pleased to say that the ApexSQL Log has exceeded our expectations and I now consider it a necessity when working with SQL databases"

Craig Hatley - Director of Operations

"ApexSQL is actually pretty sweet, saves so much time on formatting"

Tyler Bullock - Software Developer

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