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ApexSQL Refactor


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What are the minimum Windows permissions required to install and use ApexSQL Refactor?

How can I see the version of add-in?

How can I turn off the ApexSQL auto-updater?

Is ApexSQL Refactor free for personal and corporate use?

Is ApexSQL Refactor open source?

Can all ApexSQL add-ins co-exist in a single SQL Server Management Studio instance?

Can the add-in run on multiple versions of Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio?

Does ApexSQL Refactor support host theming?

Does ApexSQL Refactor support 4K resolution and high-DPI scaling?

What Microsoft .NET framework ApexSQL Refactor is required?

SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio support

Does ApexSQL Refactor integrate with Visual Studio?

Which SQL Server version ApexSQL Refactor support?

Which SQL Server editions does ApexSQL Refactor support?

Does ApexSQL Refactor support Azure SQL Database or SQL Server on Amazon RDS?

Does ApexSQL Refactor support Azure SQL Database Managed Instance?

Which version of SQL Server Management Studio ApexSQL Refactor support?

Does ApexSQL Refactor support Active Directory - Password authentication?

SQL formatter customization

Can I set up my own rules to format SQL?

Can I set up multiple user defined SQL formatter profiles?

Can I distribute my SQL formatter options to other developers?

Batch SQL formatter

Can I format SQL for multiple objects at once?

Can I format SQL for multiple scripts at once?

Using the batch SQL formatter, can I specify which objects to format SQL?

Can ApexSQL Refactor tell me which objects need to be formatted, so I can format SQL for those objects only?

Can I see the SQL object's script how it looks now and how will look like after formatting?

Is there a "No format SQL" type tag to protect certain blocks of code from formatting?

Does the ApexSQL Refactor SQL formatter have a CLI to format SQL unattended?

Formatting other

Can I obfuscate SQL code using ApexSQL Refactor?

What options are available for obfuscation?

Can I preview the impact of changes?

What SQL code is used to preview changes? Can I paste in my own?

Can I format selected blocks of code?

Does ApexSQL Refactor have options for casing of keywords (e.g. Select), built-in functions (e.g. Avg) etc.?

Does ApexSQL Refactor have option for expanding wildcards?

Does ApexSQL Refactor have option for qualifying objects?


If I rename an object, will this change be applied to all its parent and children objects?

Can ApexSQL Refactor change stored procedures parameters?

Can I encapsulate T-SQL code using ApexSQL Refactor?

Can I split table into two tables using ApexSQL Refactor?

Can I replace a natural key with a surrogate key using ApexSQL Refactor?


Can I find unused variables and parameters in existing SQL Server stored procedures and functions using ApexSQL Refactor?

Can I convert SQL code to language-specific client code (e.g. C#)?