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ApexSQL DevOps toolkit


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What are the licensing terms for ApexSQL DevOps toolkit?

What steps can be included in the DevOps workflow?

What kind of documentation is generated?

What different ways exist to trigger a build?

Where is the output of every step saved?

Is there a job summary of the process created?

Will a pipeline abort if a step fails?

Open source PowerShell scripts

Is the PowerShell source code available for download?

What configuration is required to get started with the ApexSQL cmdlets?

Web dashboard

What determines if a pipeline is CI or CD?

How can I know what is the status for each running step?

How will I be notified if my pipeline fails?

Build server plug-ins

What Build servers are plug-ins available?

Where is the output of every step saved?

How will I get notified if my pipeline fails?

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