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Database DevOps tool

The ApexSQL DevOps toolkit provides a set of PowerShell cmdlets that can be configured to create a one-click PowerShell script to run your custom SQL Server database CI, CD or custom pipeline. This script can be run stand-alone, or it can be integrated into any build server that supports PowerShell/CLI.
An introduction to ApexSQL CICD toolkit Web Dashboard 08:06


  • Build from source control

  • Include static data in builds

  • Generate synthetic test data

  • Automatically run SQL unit tests

  • Add a data change audit trail

  • Document and report on changes

  • Create a data sync script

  • Create a schema sync script

  • Plug into popular build servers

  • Enforce SQL coding standards

  • Work with all popular SC systems

  • Trigger manually or automatically


Open source PowerShell cmdlets

Run the toolkit from the CLI with a full, open-source library of cmdlets PowerShell. Modify and change pipelines yourself. Download and update our GitHub-hosted library with changes and improvements

Web dashboard

The database DevOps tool to create and run CI/CD pipelines via point and click

Pipeline customization

Add, edit or remove steps to customize CI and CD pipelines. Change the order of steps. Disable and enable steps in a pipeline without removing them. Applies to PowerShell, Web dashboard and build server Plug-ins

Project support

Consume projects to provide powerful step customization capabilities and ensure that steps run the same via the DevOps toolkit as they do when running ApexSQL tools directly. Applies to PowerShell, Web dashboard and build server Plug-ins

Additional parameters

Add full CLI configuration to add additional settings or override settings that exist in the project file. Applies to PowerShell, Web dashboard and build server Plug-ins

Saved data sources

Configure and save data sources, including databases, source control, script folders, SQL script and Nuget packages, to be consumed by various steps in your pipeline. Make a change to a data source and have it automatically utilized in all steps that use it. Browse saved data sources via the dashboard console. Applies to PowerShell, Web dashboard and build server Plug-ins


Configure email notifications for any and all events including a pipeline starting and ending as well as individual steps starting, finishing, failing and/or succeeding. Build notifications with a convenient user interface. Applies to PowerShell, Web dashboard and build server Plug-ins

Activity view

View all recently run pipelines by name, last run date and status. Applies to the Web dashboard only

User management

Create and save users' profiles by permission level e.g. Administrator. Manage and edit user profiles directly via a centralized location, e.g., Web dashboard page. Applies to PowerShell, Web dashboard and build server Plug-ins

Pipeline triggers

Set pipelines to commit on a schedule, manually or on a new commit. Applies to PowerShell, Web dashboard and build server Plug-ins

TeamCity build server plug-in

Fully integrate the ApexSQL DevOps toolkit into TeamCity build server. Create CI/CD pipelines using ApexSQL tools running by within the TeamCity build agent.

Azure DevOps Server build server plug-in

Integrate directly with Azure DevOps Server via an ApexSQL DevOps toolkit plug-in or integrate via PowerShell.

Jenkins build server plug-in

Integrate directly with Jenkins via an ApexSQL DevOps toolkit plug-in or integrate via PowerShell. Learn more

Bamboo build server plug-in

Integrate directly with Bamboo via an ApexSQL DevOps toolkit plug-in or integrate via PowerShell


Choose between dark and light-colored layouts

Custom step

Execute custom PowerShell scripts during database pipeline execution


Check for unexpected target schema changes pre-deployment and if deployment was fully executed

Find and mask sensitive data

Mask sensitive data in provisioned databases

Provision a database

Use database cloning method for provisioning

Octopus Deploy

Ready to use visual templates for database project deployments

Continuous database integration

Continuous database integration

Choose your implementation

PowerShell scripts

A library of Open source PowerShell scripts hosted on GitHub allow for full control over your pipelines. Run the scripts stand alone or integrate with Build servers that support PowerShell/CLI integration like CruiseControl.

Web dashboard

A standalone web dashboard is a database DevOps tool for quick set up, configuration and execution of CI/CD workflow pipelines initiated manually, on a schedule or on a commit.

Build server plug-ins

Plug-ins to your favorite build servers like TeamCity and Jenkins that allow you to easily integrate your database pipelines into existing workflows.

Continuous database delivery

Continuous database delivery
visual studio tfs

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Choose your implementation from full programmatic control to an out-of-the-box web dashboard to plug n’ play integration with any popular build server, e.g., TeamCity. customizable workflow builder supports any pipeline configuration.


We provide all of the CI and CD workflow pipeline steps you would ever need, including Auditing and Review.


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