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ApexSQL Complete


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What are the minimum Windows permissions required to install and use ApexSQL Complete?

What are the minimum SQL Server permissions required to use ApexSQL Complete?

Does the add-in support encrypted objects?

Is it possible to disable the add-in completely?

Can I use another key to insert an item from the auto-complete list?

Can I set my own aliases?

Can I control the formatting of the auto-completed code?

Can I control when the auto-complete list will pop-up?

How do I invoke auto-complete manually?

How can I navigate through auto-complete list?

How can I improve the tool's performance?

What are the default keyboard shortcuts?

How do I get the updates?

How to see the version of add-in?

How to turn off the ApexSQL auto-updater

SQL Server support

Which SQL Server versions are supported?

What SQL Server Management Studio versions does ApexSQL Complete integrate in?

What SQL Server editions are supported?

Does ApexSQL Complete support SQL Azure?

Can all ApexSQL add-ins co-exist in a single SQL Server Management Studio instance?

I have multiple SQL Server versions. Can the add-in run on all of them?

Visual Studio support

Does ApexSQL Complete support Visual Studio 2015?

What Visual Studio version does the add-in support?

Can the add-in run on multiple versions of Visual Studio?