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Recover deleted, dropped and truncated data
Reverse inadvertent or malicious database changes
Extract data directly from backup files
Recover deleted data and files from SharePoint
Recover deleted BLOBs
Extract BLOBs stored as files


Lost data recovery

Recover data lost due to a DELETE, TRUNCATE, or DROP TABLE operation. Learn more

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Direct-to-database recovery

Recover data directly to a database. Recover lost tables directly to a database. Including tables containing calculated columns or tables with missing schema and user defined data type definition

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BLOB recovery and extraction

Recover deleted BLOBs and extract BLOBs as data files. Ideal for SharePoint recoveries. Learn more

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Detailed filtering

Specify the timeframe in which your data or objects were lost

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Support for multiple data source types

Recover from live databases and transaction logs, detached databases and transaction log files as well as native or compressed transaction log and database backups. Learn more

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Table schema restore

Recover dropped table structures. Learn more

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Restore specific tables from a database backup

Specify the data and objects that will be recovered. Learn more

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Smart resource management

Select the optimal recovery method for best performance

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Compressed backup support

Use natively compressed transaction logs and database backups as data sources

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ApexSQL disaster recovery video series – Rogue delete

This video shows how to use ApexSQL Recover and ApexSQL Log in order to recover from rogue delete operations in a SQL Server database

ApexSQL disaster recovery video series – Dropped table

This video shows how to recover dropped tables in SQL Server database using ApexSQL Recover and ApexSQL Log

Why ApexSQL Recover?

Almost every SQL Server DBA has been faced with the challenge of recovering lost data. This knowledgebase article shows why ApexSQL Recover is invaluable SQL Server data recovery solution

SQL Server database recovery flow chart

This article is intended to help users choose the best recovery solution for their particular disaster recovery scenario. The tools which offer solution are ApexSQL Log and ApexSQL Recover

SQL disaster recovery article index

This article provides key information and links to all important recovery-related articles

ApexSQL Recover 2016 – Screen shot tour

This article represents a screen shot tour of ApexSQL Recover features with a brief description

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We have successfully recovered more than a billion records. First, I didn't believe it could. But ApexSQL Recover sorted it all out. And the support team helped us kindly and swiftly. Lots of thanks

Baris Dur

Brian, thank you very much for your help with getting us this product today. I have been using the ApexSQL Log + ApexSQL Recover trials for the past few days and they are outstanding. I just used the ApexSQL Recover tool to recover about some data that would have taken numerous work hours to re-enter, so thanks again

Christopher R. Wujciak

IT Database & Websites Manager

Federal Emergency Management Agency

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