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Execute scripts on saved list of servers/databases
Parse SQL scripts prior to execution
Create SQL scripts directly in the application
Manage lists of SQL scripts and SQL databases
Set order of SQL scripts execution
Export execution results into TXT or CSV file
Preview exaction results by databases or by scripts
Edit SQL scripts in a built-in IDE prior to execution


Multiple database script execution

Execute SQL scripts against multiple databases at the same time

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Pre-execution script parsing

Parse SQL scripts prior to execution in order to check for possible mistakes

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In-application script creation

Create new or edit already existing scripts in the integrated script editor with syntax hightligting

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SQL script lists

Create lists of SQL scripts and save them for later use

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SQL script list management

Combine two SQL script lists by moving/coping scripts from one list to another

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SQL Server and database lists

Create a new list of SQL servers and databases and save them for later use

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Execution results exports

Export execution results into text or CSV file

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GUI themes

Choose between white, colorful and dark colored layout

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ApexSQL Propagate 2017 – Screen shot tour

This article represents a screen shot tour of ApexSQL Propagate features with a brief description

SQL Multi Script
SQL Server editions
      SQL Server on Amazon RDS
      Azure SQL Database
      Individual script file
      Direct database execution
General features
      Database lists
      Scripts lists
      Built in SQL script editor
      Parse SQL scripts
Use cases
      Serial script execution on multiple databases
      Parallel script execution on multiple databases
Free $245

ApexSQL Propagate 2017.01

Redgate® SQL Multi Script 1.3

Comparison was conducted on February 14, 2017

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Command Line Interface

Full support for Command Line Interface

Execute script text

Execute selected text in SQL script

Execution plan

Preview execution plan prior to script execution

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ApexSQL Propagate 2018 R2 Q3
Selected script text
Execution plan
Export execution results
XML file
Packaging output
C# solution
Executable installer
Command Line Interface
Full support for Command Line Interface
Save as batch
ApexSQL Propagate 2018 R2 Q3


ApexSQL Propagate tool is easy to use and has nice features (like viewing logs after script execution completes). This is of great help. The GUI is easy to understand and user friendly.

Vikrant Singh

Senior Technical Consultant

We have just moved over to Azure hosted individual DBs and I have no idea what we would do if we had to script some of the stuff we now do with your tools effortlessly. ApexSQL Propagate is genius!

Kerrin Banner

Managing Director

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