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Monitor multiple hypervisors - Hyper-V and ESXi
View system performance metrics of monitored hosts
Monitor virtual machines performance
Monitor performance of host devices
Use comprehensive dashboards for viewing metrics
Calculate baselines and thresholds
View top 5 loaded virtual machines for specific hosts
Create and export comprehensive performance reports


Host information summary

Check information and alert summary for one, some, or all hosts in the group dashboard

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Hypervisor information summary

Check information and alert summary for specific hypervisors – Hyper-V or VMware ESXi

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Host dashboard

Quickly review basic information and health for monitored hosts. Easily drill down to review metrics and alert details

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Top 5 VMs per host

Quickly check top 5 slowest virtual machines for selected hosts directly on the host dashboard

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CPU performance

Easily analyze performance of each CPU for specific hosts

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Memory performance

Check memory performance and additional details about memory amount and average usage for specific hosts

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Disk performance

Easily monitor disk performance of all host disks

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Network performance

Monitor performance of all network cards installed on single host

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Virtual machine dashboard

Easily monitor and analyze virtual machines performance

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Panel based application dashboard

Check critical CPU and memory information as well as alert summary for one, some, or all hosts in the group dashboard

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Choose between dark and light-colored layouts

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