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ApexSQL Unit Test FAQ

Unit tests are implemented as stored procedures in the database that is being tested. All tests in database must have prefix test in the test name:

Where are unit test stored

Yes, ApexSQL Unit Test integrates with SSMS 2012 and later.

tSQLt is a database unit testing framework for Microsoft SQL Server. It is a pre-requisite for using ApexSQL Unit Test since provides the ability to mock out tables and tSQLt

ApexSQL Unit Test utilizes the tSQLt framework and provides a UI in SSMS to make it easier to manage your unit tests. It also provides a set of static analysis tests, also known as SQL Cop tests, to help detect issues with your database, and it shows result of tests (total number of tests, number of executed, passed and failed tests).

Yes, ApexSQL Unit Test offers set of database unit tests using SQL Cop and a sample database with some predefined tests.

ApexSQL Unit Test supports SQL Server 2005, SSMS 2012, Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista, to their latest versions, .NET 4.5 framework must be installed.

Yes, if the tSQLt is already installed on same database it can be reinstalled from a different source following next steps:

Select a database and right click on it:

Reinstall tSQLt selecting database

When you click on Reinstall\Update option you will get following window to choose installation source:

Reinstall tSQLt choosing installation

ApexSQL Unit Test execute tests as stored procedures. Possible results are “Fail” and” Pass”.

In the Unit Test explorer all tests will be visible for selected database:

list of tests

All tests on a particular server can be run by clicking on the button “Run selected” from the context menu

Run test from server or database

Yes, ApexSQL Unit Test can be automated using the CLI.