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ApexSQL Source Control FAQ


Microsoft SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and 2005

Yes, ApexSQL Source Control supports Amazon SQL Database and Amazon RDS

Licensing and evaluation

ApexSQL Source Control is licensed per user. Regardless of the number of SQL Server instances the user is connecting in SQL Server Management Studio, only one licence will be needed. The number of licenses is equal to the number of users/developers that will be using the tool

No, during the evaluation period of the 14 days, ApexSQL Source Control is fully functional. After the evaluation period is over, to continue using it, you must purchase the license

Configuration and setup

ApexSQL Source Control provides native support with the latest application control interfaces for all supported source control systems which do not need a separate installation of a client in order to work (except for Mercurial)

ApexSQL Source Control can be used alongside any other ApexSQL add-in

All SQL Server non-system objects can be version controlled through ApexSQL Source Control

Source control

ApexSQL Source Control supports three types of authentication for linking a database to source control, HTTP(s), SSH, and File based on the chosen source control system

ApexSQL Source Control supports both shared and dedicated database development models

After the database is linked to source control with ApexSQL Source Control, by default all objects in the Action center tab will be selected for the initial commit. Click the Apply button to perform the initial commit

Currently not, but we are working on implementing this functionality

Use ApexSQL Build to create a database directly from the scripts stored under source control with a few clicks, or use ApexSQL Source Control to link an empty database to the repository where the scripts are stored and apply all from source control through the Action center tab

Conflicts can be resolved from the Action center tab using ApexSQL Source Control build-in merge tool or using KDiff3, ExamDiff Pro, and Beyond Compare third-party merging tools

Yes, ApexSQL Source Control tracks changes made against static data as well. More about this can be found in the Working with static data article