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SQL transaction log reader

ApexSQL Log is a SQL Server database transaction log reader which allows users insight into SQL Server database transaction log files and backup. ApexSQL Log can be used both locally or remotely to perform auditing and recovery jobs. Users can audit database changes and present in a comprehensive grid, where they can be analyzed and inspected in great detail, including who made the change and when, as well as the before-after change values and full history of affected rows regardless of the auditing method (local or remote).
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  • Audit data, schema, and permission changes

  • Gain full visibility into your transaction logs

  • Rollback or replay any database transaction

  • Forensically investigate who changed what and when

  • Implement before and after auditing

  • View a complete history of row changes

  • Reverse inadvertent or malicious database transactions

  • Avoid performance overhead and data storage


Transaction visualization

View, group, and sort transactions in a custom high performance grid with advanced filtering options. Learn more

Data recovery

View deleted and damaged data. Reverse inadvertent or malicious database transactions to repair data. Recover from specific data loss/damage without relying on full database restores. Learn more

Before and after auditing

View before and after values for update operations, who changed what and when the change occurred as well as the full row history of row changes. Learn more

Undo or redo

Selectively view or script one or all operations in a transaction and create replay or reroll scripts. Learn more

Transaction isolation

Isolate specific SQL Server transactions by user, date, object, change type, and more. Utilize advanced grid search algorithms including regular expressions, transaction details and row history search. Learn more

Multiple report and output formats

Display the transaction log information in grid or export to HTML, CSV, XML, SQL Script, SQL Bulk files or directly to a database. Learn more

Detailed login info

Find out the name of the login, who and when made the change, even before the product was installed as well as granular details for every operation and transaction recorded in the transaction log. Learn more

Unattended execution

Read transaction log files unattended during off peak hours via the CLI, minimizing the overhead on your server. Learn more

Visual themes

Customize the visual appearance with interface themes. Learn more

Why ApexSQL Log?

Forensic auditing

Find out who changed what and when. Review values before and after a change as well as the complete history of row changes, from initial insert to all subsequent updates or deletion. Learn more

Disaster recovery

Find out who changed what and when. Review values before and after a change as well as the complete history of row changes, from initial insert to all subsequent updates or deletion. Learn more

Load testing

Easily record loads on production and then replay them on staging, simulating a production environment. Learn more

Zero data loss restores

When restoring from the most recent backup, any data added since the backup date will be lost. ApexSQL Log can capture those "missing" transactions and easily replicate them to your restored database, ensuring you never lose a single row of data from an emergency restore.

Row-level recovery

Restore lost or damaged data, down to the row level, directly from a backup, or even the online log, without having to restore the entire database. Learn more

Point in time recovery

Roll back an entire database or only specific database tables to the exact point in time. Learn more

DDL auditing

Track any DDL changes and roll back any unintended structure changes on SQL Server database tables. Learn more

No downtime/data loss migrations

Ensure that no transactions are missing after migration downtime by replaying the transactions which have occurred during the downtime period by replaying them on the migrated database by reading the transaction log file. Learn more

Before-after auditing

Drill down and see the values before and after the change has occurred on the row level. Learn more

SQL injection attacks

Immediately identify SQL injection attacks, isolate affected/damaged data and reverse/repair the damage. Learn more

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KraftWerk Informationstechnologie GmbH

Thank you! You are just great! May I recommend your company and products wherever and whenever you want me to do? ... When we would start using ApexSQL Log I'll purchase it for sure, your service is exceptional!

Georg Untersalmberger Managing Director

Microsoft BI Architect

I had downloaded the ApexSQL Log tool for a very specific need that I had to quickly find some information from a transaction log backup – and it worked GREAT!

Dave Fackler Microsoft BI Architect

Advanced Database Designs LLC

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! What I could not accomplish over the past 7 days ApexSQL Log did in 20 minutes. The anguish of data loss is now over. You folks are brilliant!

Steve Sweeney Advanced Database Designs LLC


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your truly exceptional service... At first glance, it seemed like the ApexSQL Log would not be able to find all the deleted records (beyond the 10% recovery permitted by the trial version). Thanks to your willingness to help and your lightning fast support team, it appears that my team was able to find and recover all the missing data…you and your team’s extraordinary service was that spoonful of sugar needed, thank you

Jalil Fanaian Director

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Brian, thank you very much for your help with getting us this product today. I have been using the ApexSQL Log + ApexSQL Recover trials for the past few days and they are outstanding. I just used the ApexSQL Recover tool to recover about some data that would have taken numerous work hours to re-enter, so thanks again

Christopher R. Wujciak IT Database & Websites Manager


I'm the developer/dba responsible for pimping your products to my company. After drooling over them for years I finally found an employer who recognizes their worth enough to purchase the entire suite. The purchase was prompted by a recent life-saving by your ApexSQL Log software (I'd installed the trial). I looked like a hero and when questioned about how I'd saved the day, I told my project manager about your software suite and an RPO was submitted for approval that day

Megan Willesen Senior Applications Developer

PAR Government Systems Corp.

Let me start by thanking you once again for such a wonderful suite of tools. ApexSQL Log has saved my life more than once in the past

Eric Pfirman Geospatial Information Specialist

Black Stump Consulting Group Perth, Western Australia

P.S. From what I've seen so far with the program, I can honestly say it's a great tool and the layout of the user interface is excellent. Often I find I won't use a program if the interface is either confusing, cluttered or just plain ugly, even if it's the best exponent of what it's designed to do. No such problems with the [ApexSQL Log]! :)

M. Holman Computer Programmer


Best. Software. Ever. It's a long story, but ApexSQL Log may solve a previously un-solvable issue for us.

Seth Buxton DBA

Harmony Printing

We had an update query which affected 110,000 rows in our SQL Database. With ApexSQL Log, this amazing software allowed me to create an Undo Script. Thank you ApexSQL for your prompt response and resolution to my critical issue I faced. What a pleasure to deal with!

Junaid Ali Digital Solutions Specialist

Director of IT Preferred Primary Care Physicians

I mainly use ApexSQL Log. We do 5 minute transaction log backups and I have had a number of cases in which I had to prove/verify a specific person modified a row. Our application does not log information to the level needed for that verification in all cases. Your tool allowed me to quickly identify the necessary rows and provide documentation to the requestor.

Ted Davidson Director of IT Preferred Primary Care Physicians

E.ON Elnat Sverige AB

ApexSQL Log worked beautifully and I was able to test and restore deleted SQL data.

Patrik Hildingsson E.ON Elnat Sverige AB

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