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SQL code complete

ApexSQL Complete is a productivity add-in for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Visual Studio that helps to speed up the process of coding using features such as auto-complete, SQL code snippets, auto-insert statements, auto–replacement and more. 
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  • Automatically complete SQL statements

  • Review an object's script and description

  • Improve productivity with snippets

  • Identify the structure of complex SQL queries

  • Keep track of all your tabs

  • Log every executed query

  • Easily navigate to SQL objects

  • Check queries in test mode

  • Color query tabs by environment

  • Search and export query results

  • Create CRUD procedures

  • Guard against queries that may damage data


SQL code auto complete

Automatically fill in SQL keywords and names. Learn more

Auto-complete pick list

Complete SQL fragments, such as JOIN statements or cross-database queries, in a single click. Learn more

Qualified object names

Automatically insert fully qualified object names

Object definition

View the object definition and description inline

Transparent decryption

Seamlessly work with encrypted objects

Tooltips for identifiers

View detailed information on SQL identifiers inline. Learn more

Pair highlighting

Determine whether SQL code is formed correctly by highlighting paired elements

Closing character auto-insertion

Ensure the number of closing and opening characters match with automatic closing character insertion

Automatic bracketing

Improve SQL identifier visibility by automatic bracketing

Keyword formatting

Format auto-completed keywords in UPPER, lower or Proper case

Go to object

Find an object and highlight it inside the object explorer. Learn more

Test mode

Execute queries safely without affecting a database. Learn more

Results search

Search data in one or more results grids and highlight the results. Learn more

Customizable snippets

Reuse SQL code fragments as snippets and insert context-specific values as needed. Learn more

Snippet editing

Edit existing snippets or create your own. Learn more

Global aliases

Specify aliases for SQL Server objects on a the server or database level. Learn more

Tab navigation

Keep track of opened and recently closed tabs. Learn more

Tab coloring

Colorize query tabs to create custom environments by SQL Server or database connection. Learn more

Executed queries

Log information about executed queries. Learn more

Code structure viewer

Identify the structure of complex SQL queries at a glance. Learn more

Copy results as

Copy all/selected cells from query execution results to clipboard as CSV, HTML, or XML. Learn more

Customizable shortcuts

Define custom keyboard shortcuts for commands

CRUD procedures

Automatically create select, insert, update and delete stored procedures from the Object Explorer context menu. Learn more

Execution alerts

Guard against accidental data damage or loss with Execution alerts. Learn more

Export to Excel

Easily export data from the Results grid directly to Excel. Learn more

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Bytes Document Solutions

Compliments to you and your team for great support and a great product. Can’t imagine using SSMS without it.

Charles Kruger Astea Service Systems Manager, Bytes Document Solutions

I used ApexSQL Complete and ApexSQL Refactor. Both are well designed and include all the modern feature compare to other competitors. I found tons of customization options that makes your tools powerful.

Mohammad Sanati Software & Database developer,

Freshfields Bruckhaus Derringer LLP

I have grown to depend on ApexSQL Complete as an essential component of my developer toolkit. It helps write better code faster.

Reuben Anderson Data Solutions Architect, Freshfields Bruckhaus Derringer LLP

Human Touch Technology/Developer

I found your product to be the best one I've used. ApexSQL Complete allowed me to write T-SQL code much faster.

Raymond Human Human Touch Technology/Developer

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