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Monitor SSAS, SSIS and SSRS performance
Add custom performance counters
Track system performance
Use baselines to customize alert thresholds
Supports standalone SSAS, SSRS and SSIS instances
Track object utilization issues in Cube models
View real-time and historical data
Set up various alert actions for each counter
Generate built-in and custom reports
Track user activity


Cube and SSAS objects performance

Monitor performance of multidimensional databases, cubes and other SSAS objects such as mining structures and dimensions. Track the CPU time consumed by objects or databases, the number of hits and misses and other performance counters

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Combine predefined metrics

Combine two metrics to be able to monitor their ratio and get notified when the ratio exceeds a defined threshold

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Comprehensive dashboard

Check the state of all monitored services including reporting, analysis and integration services via a group dashboard using either panel or table views

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Service overview

Review reporting, analysis and integration service information and health by category and easily detect performance issues. Drill down for more details about every problematic counter

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System performance monitoring

Track possible underlying system performance issues that might lower the performance of SQL Server services

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Calculate and configure baselines for each counter to raise alerts

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Alerting and alert actions

Get notified whenever a counter exceeds its configurable threshold and create alert actions which will execute SQL scripts, shell commands, and/or send e-mail notifications when an alert is raised

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Control the entire monitoring and alerting process. Disable and enable monitoring and alerting per counter, create maintenance periods and maintenance periods' schedules, include and exclude system devices, set up a different threshold for each system device and many more

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Generate built-in reports or create custom reports based on your preferences

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Custom counters

Easily create and configure new counters to extend the capabilities of a built-in counter set

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User security

Increase monitoring security and reliability by creating users with different roles

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Activity log

Track the actions that have been executed within the application along with their status and other details

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