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Audit all SQL database and security activities
Meet compliance requirements e.g. HIPAA, GDPR, PCI
Out-of-the-box and custom reporting
Securely store audit data in a tamper-evident repository
Fully customize all auditing, alerts, and reporting
Who, what, where, when and before-after auditing
Deploy on SQL Server Failover Clusters
Easily manage auditing on multiple servers


Customizable auditing and compliance templates

Use existing out-of-the-box templates to configure SQL Server instance auditing and ensure that the auditing configuration includes all SQL Server and database level events required to meet HIPAA, SOX, PCI, FERPA and other compliance standards. Customize existing templates or create your own and apply them to multiple SQL Servers with a single click

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Who, what, when and how auditing

Identify, track and receive alerts when specific objects are accessed or data was viewed. Find out the name of the login, computer, and application used to access audited objects as well as the time of the event. Learn more

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Before-and-after auditing

Audit data changes from insert, update and delete operations. Investigate and compare original values to the new ones. Learn more

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Application and login level auditing

Audit operations executed by specific users, including high privilege users, or choose to perform full auditing of database changes from specific applications

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Customizable and out-of-the-box reports

Quickly review captured information by selecting from a library of built-in reports. Create new, custom reports from any existing report

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Low overhead

Minimal or negligible impact on performance while SQL Server events are being audited and processed into the central repository database

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Tamper-evident repository design

Automatically detect any changes or on the audited data, or auditing and alerting configurations. Receive alerts, in real time, based on any suspicious activities. Learn more

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User security

Assign different roles to specific users or groups to increase application and data security

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High filter granularity and precision

Use logical conditions and group them, per configuration requirement, to create audit filter configurations, reports and even alerting with high precision and maximum granularity

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Custom alerting

Get notified and alerted, in real time, when important events occur on audited SQL Servers including critical auditing events and data changes or configuration updates. Utilize existing alerts or create custom ones. Write alerts to the windows event log or send via email. Learn more

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Threshold alerting

Utilize custom scripts to check for important thresholds. Get alerted on any threshold breaches in real time

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Login auditing

See all successful or failed login attempts on audited SQL Server instances and view login access history. Learn more

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Security change auditing

Investigate any permission, SQL login, user, password or role changes. Learn more

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SQL Server activity auditing

Audit all operations performed on your SQL instances including data and schema changes, select statements as well as login, user, and permission related activities. Learn more

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Ease of use

Quickly install and configure auditing filters to setup an auditing plan in minutes

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Automatic deployment

Components are automatically installed and deployed to all machines that host SQL Server instances that are audited, removing the need for any additional manual installation or implementation tasks on user's side

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Audit data archiving

Archive data without interrupting ongoing auditing. Choose the frequency, detach and transfer old repositories to storage safely and easily. Restore old repositories to read archived audited data

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Automatic reporting

Schedule report generation on a desired frequency. Have your daily, weekly or monthly reports automatically created and available per pre-defined schedules

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ApexSQL Idera®
SQL Server version
      SQL Server 2005 - 2017
SQL Server edition
      Audited servers/databases overview
      Before-After data auditing
      Configuration and data filtering
      Configurable Trace Settings
      Customizable user privileges and roles
      Predefined regulation templates
      Sensitive data auditing
      Resillience for Log Write Failure
      Advanced filters
      Custom data purge and repository archiving 2019 R2
      Schedule archiving 2019 R2
      Custom alerts for auditing events
      Custom reports
      Predefined regulation templates
      Central management UI
      Web console
Account management
      Application roles and privileged users
      High performance Extended Events based auditing 2019 R3
      Remote access
      Custom parameterization of audited data values 2019 R3
      GUI themes
      High DPI and 4K resolution support
      Microsoft standard iconography, colors and other visual effects
Price (Qty)
      1 $1,699 $3,795
      2 $1,359 $3,795
      5 $1,189 $2,819
      10 $1,019 $2,385

ApexSQL Audit 2018.06

Idera® SQL Compliance Manager 5.5.1

Comparison was conducted on October 17, 2018

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ApexSQL is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with other companies listed or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates


Custom data purge

Safely remove old audited data from the repository database for custom time periods

Advanced archive

Choose to archive from specific time: last week, last month, last year or just by specific date

User management

Assign administrator, power-user or reader privileges to different ApexSQL Audit users

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ApexSQL Audit 2018 R6 Released ApexSQL Audit 2019 R1 2019 Q1 ApexSQL Audit 2019 R2 2019 Q1 ApexSQL Audit 2019 R3 2019 Q2 ApexSQL Audit 2019 R4 2019 Q3
Filter before-after events by column and value
Reports on accessed columns
Statistical reports
Include Primary key value on before-after auditing
Bulk-inserts before-after auditing
High performance Extended Events based auditing
Audit parameter values
Custom parameterization of audited data values
Advanced filters
Include/exclude query text filters
The 'is NULL' and 'is not NULL' operators
The 'starts with' and 'ends with' operators
Custom package file size
Simple filter
Choose table columns (sensitive columns)
Statistics & Status
Advanced system status
Aggregate preview on collected data per system and per instance
Graphical preview on collected data per system and per instance
Health information - diagnostic window, allows detecting system wide issues and suggest possible solutions
Merge repository archives
Archiving & Purging
Choose to archive from specific time: last week, last month, last year or just by specific date
Purge data from specific time range
Schedule archiving
Data integrity
Option to ignore specific detected tampering
Data alerts
Alerts on historical data (aggregated alerts)
Custom threshold
Sensitive columns alerts
SQL Server 2019 support
ApexSQL Audit 2018 R6 Released ApexSQL Audit 2019 R1 2019 Q1 ApexSQL Audit 2019 R2 2019 Q1 ApexSQL Audit 2019 R3 2019 Q2 ApexSQL Audit 2019 R4 2019 Q3

GDPR is here

  The ApexSQL compliance relief program is here to help  

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A word of congratulations. I think that your suite is some of the best stuff I have ever used. I had to add auditing to an existing SQL Server and your ApexSQL Audit product did that effortlessly and flawlessly. The client loves the solution I am also impressed by your rapid response to issues and feedback. Keep up the good work

Cameron Townshend

Executive Consultant

ISG Technology

One of the problems with so many tools on the market today, to accomplish audit and compliance, is the complexity of use. ApexSQL Audit is straightforward and easy to configure, I was able to set-up our audit and compliance in minimal time using this tool.

Gary Fry

Senior Database Administrator

Cox Industries, Inc.

ApexSQL Audit is great. This product will allow me to show non-technical users audit trails for SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE statements in a graphical manner that I can explain quickly.

Robert R.

Macro Integration Services

Implementation Specialist

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