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Database Power Tools for VS Code

ApexSQL Database Power Tools for VS Code is a Visual Studio (VS) Code extension that allows users to connect to MySQL and MariaDB instances, execute and display query results, search for objects in databases, export query results into several standard formats, and generate DDL and DML scripts from ApexSQL server explorer. All of this is possible on multiple computing platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS.
Database Power Tools for VS Code


  • Automatically complete SQL statements

  • Connection explorer

  • Generate DDL and DML scripts

  • Run MySQL and MariaDB queries

  • Manage MySQL and MariaDB connections

  • List MySQL and MariaDB database objects

  • List MySQL and MariaDB servers

  • List servers and database objects

  • Multi-platform connectivity (Windows, Linux, macOS)

  • Object and text search

  • Save results to HTML, Excel, CSV, and JSON

  • Script formatter


Connections to MySQL and MariaDB instances

Connect to MySQL and MariaDB instances using TCP/IP, Local Socket/Pipe and TCP/IP over SSH types of connection

Cross-platform support

Run the extension on as many existing platforms as needed (Windows, Linux, macOS)

Query execution

Automatically fill in SQL keywords and database objects

SQL code completion

Automatically fill in SQL keywords and database objects

Object search

Search for objects in database object definitions

Text search

Text search within MySQL Server and MariaDB databases

Script formatting

Format MySQL and MariaDB scripts

Automatically create statements

Generate DDL and DML scripts

Save query results

Export query results into several standard formats (HTML, Excel, CSV, and JSON)
Supported platforms
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Debian
Server support
  • MySQL Server
  • MariaDB Server
Cloud support
  • Azure Database for MySQL
  • Azure Database for MariaDB
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL
  • Amazon RDS for MariaDB
  • Amazon Aurora MySQL

The full list of supported platforms and versions is specified on the official Supported software page

Other MySQL tools

Data comparison

Compare live MySQL databases

  • Compare live MySQL databases
  • Export results to HTML, XML and Excel
  • Edit synchronization scripts prior to execution
  • Automate and schedule synchronization
  • Filter object comparison
  • Pre-sync warnings and actions



Really loving the ApexSQL offerings. You are now our first choice for SQL tools.

Michael Wolfe Engineering Supervisor

High ROI CRM Consultant

ApexSQL is my formidable work instrument. I'm a high ROI CRM consultant, and I use this kind of product every day for my projects. ApexSQL is a perfect instrument for my work and a great aid to my productivity.

Angelo Paglialonga High ROI CRM Consultant

Schneider Mills Inc.

I’ve been using ApexSQL tools since around 2006. ApexSQL Trigger, ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Data Diff are my favorites… though ApexSQL Log, and its ability to roll back any change, has been a life saver more than once. I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing ApexSQL Universal with 4 different employers and hope to continue using it until I retire.

Joshua Walker Database Analyst

Wiginton Corporation

I greatly appreciate your assistance. I have to say all of my experiences with ApexSQL have been great. Thank you for the wonderful customer service.

Bryan Benton Director of Information Technology

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