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Audit SQL Server activities

Access into your SQL Server transaction logs

Track data and schema changes

Ensure adherence to compliance policies

Forensically mine transactions

Translate audit data to information

Central, tamper-evident repository

Determine who, changed what, and when

Document the changes

Track security changes

Track trigger states

Transform ID values using lookups

See the executed SQL statements

Shape the view of transaction activity

View row history

Compliance with HIPAA, SOX, PCI, and more

Track permission changes

Table change notification

ApexSQL solutions to auditing challenges an insurance policy against accidental SQL data deletion, etc ... I am very pleased to say that the ApexSQL Log Tool has exceeded our expectations and I now consider it a necessity when working with SQL databases

Craig Hatley

Director of Operations

Iatric Systems, Inc

... your product has been working perfectly and the guys in compliance and audit are happy

David O'Keefe


Fimat Australia

ApexSQL Trigger has been a life saver for me. No longer can our business clients blame the system or my IT staff when errors appear in our data. Thanks to ApexSQL Trigger, we can now track 'when' and 'who' made the change and if needed restore old data. ApexSQL Trigger has paid for itself in its first week of use

Andy Zecha

Director of Database Operations