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Purchase process

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How can I purchase your software?

How long does it take to fill an order or respond to a question?

What should I do in case of any problems during the purchasing process?

Other types of purchases

Can I get a quote

Can I purchase with a wire transfer?

Support and upgrades

Will I be notified that my support and upgrades contract is about to expire?

If I let my support and upgrades expire, can I renew it at a later date?

How can I renew my support and upgrades?

Can I move my software to another machine?

How can I check if I am eligible for the upgrade to the newer version?

Do I need a new key when I upgrade to a new version?

Do I need a new key when I upgrade to a new edition?

License and Activation Keys

What is the license model?

What types of license paradigms are available?

Where can I get a copy of the EULA or license agreement?

Help, I lost my activation keys. How can I retrieve them?

How soon will you get back to me?

Administrative items

What is your DUNS number?

What is your federal tax identification number?

Can I download a W-9 form?

I have changed my contact info, can you do the necessary changes in my account?

Partners and resellers

I am a reseller. Can you give me a discount?

Do you have a partner program?


How do I qualify for free upgrades to major versions?

How do I get upgrades if they are available?

How can I be notified of product upgrades and new releases?

Prices and discounts

I want to buy several ApexSQL products. Are any discounts available?

Are there discounts for purchases of multiple licenses of software?

Can I upgrade to a bundle if I have purchased one or more products previously?

I have purchased software before. If I purchase more, can I benefit from quantity discounts?

Do you offer discounts for academic, non-profit, governmental or charitable organizations?

Do you offer site/company-wide licenses?

Do I need to pay for a new version if I have current subscription?

What is the price for upgrade to a new edition, if I'm an existing customer with current license subscription?


What exactly will I receive if the product is delivered by e-mail?


Can I obtain evaluation copies? If yes, what are the restrictions?

How can I extend my evaluation?

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