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Tools for DBAs and Operations Engineers ApexSQL Operations Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for SQL Server Professionals ApexSQL Fundamentals Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for Developers and DevOps Engineers ApexSQL DevOps Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for MySQL Professionals ApexSQL Fundamentals Toolkit for MySQL Server
Spotlight Cloud hosted SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics
LiteSpeed High-speed SQL Server backup, compression and restore

ApexSQL Script


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Can ApexSQL Script script multiple databases at once?

What output types are supported by ApexSQL Script?

Can I create structure and data script at the same time?

Can I open the scripts in some other editors?

Can I script logins and permissions?

Source control systems support

Does ApexSQL Script supports source control systems?

Which source control systems are supported in ApexSQL Script Professional?

.NET packages

Do the generated .NET packages allow command line mode? If so, where can I find the switch set?

What will my end users need to run the generated packages?

Structure mode

Does ApexSQL Script script encrypted objects?

Can ApexSQL Script automatically generate an object existence check?

Data mode

Is it possible to define other names for objects being scripted in the Data mode?

What does the Max column in Data mode do?

What if my script has an error? Will this cause any damage to my database?

Does ApexSQL Script manage referential integrity problems related to triggers and constraints?

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