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ApexSQL Model


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What is ApexSQL Model and what is it used for?

Why do I need ApexSQL Diff to use ApexSQL Model?

What features in ApexSQL Model require ApexSQL Diff Professional edition?

Do I have to purchase a second license to ApexSQL Diff?

Does ApexSQL Model have a CLI?

Does ApexSQL Model offer SSMS integration?

Does ApexSQL Model offer Visual Studio integration?

Does ApexSQL Model offer source control integration so any changes in a model can be checked in?

Can I update my source control repository directly from ApexSQL Model and will new objects be added to the repository automatically?

Is ApexSQL Model version aware, so it will only allow me to add datatypes, features etc. available for that specific SQL Server version?

Reverse engineering

Is it possible to reverse engineer a database to a new model?

Is it possible to reverse engineer to an existing model?

What inputs are available to reverse engineer into a new model?

How does ApexSQL Model handle triggers?

Can I select a sub-set of objects to import into an existing model?

Are data model options saved and persisted in between sessions?

Do I have to save my model, prior to reverse engineering?

What object types can be reverse engineered?

Can I reverse engineer a database from Azure SQL or Amazon RDS?

If something goes wrong, can I reverse the data modeling process?

Data modeling

Does ApexSQL Model include a table editor?

What attributes are available for modeling via the table editor?

Can I implement groups or regions to combine related tables?

Can I manage extended properties via ApexSQL Model?

Can I manage procedures, functions or other non-table objects with ApexSQL Model?

How are naming standards handled?

Forward engineering

How can I forward engineer to a new database?

Is it possible to forward engineer to an existing database?

Can I forward engineer to an Azure SQL or Amazon RDS database?

Which edition of ApexSQL Diff is required to forward engineer an existing database?

Can I select a sub-set of objects to forward engineer?

Can I execute a created synchronization script directly from ApexSQL Model?


Can I print models directly?

Can I export models to an image file?

Can I save my model as an ApexSQL schema snapshot so I can work with it directly with ApexSQL Diff, ApexSQL Script or ApexSQL Build?

What is a “Schema snapshot” in the context of ApexSQL Model? What is it needed for?

Can I process model files directly with other ApexSQL tools e.g. ApexSQL Diff, ApexSQL Script or ApexSQL Build?