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ApexSQL Model


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Can reverse engineering be done on a database to create a new model?

Can forward engineering be done on an existing model to create a database?

Can I update an existing database from a model?

Can I create a DDL script from a model?

Can I update a database quickly, like with one click, from my model?

How does ApexSQL Model handle triggers?

Are data model options saved and persisted in between sessions?

Does ApexSQL Model require the use of other external applications?

Can I print models?

Does ApexSQL Model have some options which can be used to reduce colored ink usage?

Can I export models, and if so, what export types are supported?

Table customization

Can I customize tables by showing details at the row-level, e.g., Table name vs Primary keys vs all other rows?

Can I customize tables at the column-level of the display, e.g., Column name, data type, nullable, etc?

Can I customize table display colors?

Can I customize table display icons? (to show them or not)

Can I create/edit tables directly within ApexSQL Model?

Can I do a side by side comparison between the two models? Or a model and database?


Are there different model display types, and if so, what are they?

What SQL Server object types are supported?

Can I group tables by different categories?

Can I add notes to my database model?

Can I search for strings on my models, e.g., table/column names?


Does ApexSQL Model integrate with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and/or Visual Studio?

Does ApexSQL Model support MySQL?

Can I compare model files directly from ApexSQL Diff?

Can I document model files directly from ApexSQL Doc?

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