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ApexSQL Mask

Data classification filters

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How many pre-existing sensitive data classification filters ship with the product?

Can filters have more than one set of criteria for finding potentially sensitive columns?

If so, can these criteria be configured to be AND or OR?

Can I ignore certain columns, so they aren't treated as sensitive?

How can I tell if a column has been classified?

Can I create and/or modify data classification filters?

If so, can I share my custom filters with my team via export/import?

Does column name search support wildcards?

Does the Find panel support search using Regular expressions?

Can I see a summary of sensitive data classification results?

Can I create a report of sensitive data classification results?

Can I see the particular filter that classified the column?

Can I see all of the columns that a particular filter classified?

Can I manually classify a column that wasn't classified?

Can filters be individually enabled/disabled?


What types of data masking are supported?

What types of Static masks are supported?

Which types of generators can be used for creating the substitution masks?

Can I hide sensitive data without changing the data in the database?

Can I choose who will see masked data?

Can data be masked at the individual row level?

Can I share the masks I've created with my team by export/import?

Can I see all the columns that a particular mask has been assigned to?

Can I assign a mask to more than one column?

Can I process a column with more than one mask?

Can I preview column data before and after masking?

Data generators

How do generators relate to masks?

How many built-in generators are supported?

Can I create/modify my generators/sub-generators?

Auto-assignment of masks

Does the application automatically apply filters to some columns?

Can auto-assignment of masks behavior be modified e.g. turned on/off or otherwise customized?

Can generators be associated with the Data classification filter to automatically apply masks to columns?


Can ApexSQL Mask modify an existing database and/or create a modification script that I can run later?

Can I automate the process of data masking?

Can I add a mask to a column that hasn't been classified?

Can I see a summary of the results from processing masks?


Does ApexSQL Mask recognize the Check constraints?

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