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ApexSQL Enforce


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What systems are supported?

Is ApexSQL Enforce a stand-alone application or add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and or Visual Studio?

What will ApexSQL Enforce console app produce as a return code if the application completes processing, but the job has “Failed”?

Can I query the database directly from an ApexSQL Enforce rule if I can’t get sufficient information from the API?

Are Options set at the application or rulebase level?

Can I create a Project to save a rulebase, rulebase selections and options along with a data source?

Do you solicit, accept rules created by users, the community?

Do you have an "Example" rulebase, just to show how to accomplish simple things?


Can I import and/or export rules?

Will the ApexSQL rulebase be updated with new rules?

How can I tell if the rule base has been changed?

How can I tell if there are any new, different rules when I import another rule base into an existing one?


Can I customize existing rules?

Can I create entirely new rules?

What language are rules written in?

Is there an IDE to write rules in?

Are rules written against SMO?

Is ApexSQL Enforce integrated into the ApexSQL DevOps toolkit?

What can I do programmatically with rules?

Will rules be able to change my database?

Can I save a configuration of a particular rulebase, data source, option combination?

Can I spool out customized notes, additional info?

Can you show an example of how to spool out Notes?

What is the “Ignore” method and how will that processed rule be shown?

Can I test an individual rule to see if it works?


What data sources can I run this against?

What sub-elements of the data sources are rules run against?

Can I process more than one rulebase at a time, against a single data source?

Can I run ApexSQL Enforce unattended via a CLI?

Can I see a history of previously executed jobs?

Can I see when a database was last reviewed?

What happens if a rule fails?


Do the rules include “Fix SQL” to correct problems?

Can you show an example of how to spool out FixSQL?

Will the rules directly execute/change anything on my database?

Can I run individual FixSQL snippets directly from the app, rule results grid?

Can I spool together all FixSQL scripts into a single script?


How can I quickly identify where in the script, object the error exists?


Does ApexSQL Enforce produce any results or reports?

How can I measure the health of my processed database or scripts?

How can the impact score be customized?

What are the different severity levels of a rule violation?

Can the impact levels of the severities be changed?

Can results be compared over time?

How do I make a rule fail when it is processing an error?

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