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Tools for Security and Compliance ApexSQL Security and Compliance Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for DBAs and Operations Engineers ApexSQL Operations Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for SQL Server Professionals ApexSQL Fundamentals Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for Developers and DevOps Engineers ApexSQL DevOps Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for MySQL Professionals ApexSQL Fundamentals Toolkit for MySQL Server
Spotlight Cloud hosted SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics
LiteSpeed High-speed SQL Server backup, compression and restore

ApexSQL Doc


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What are the minimum user permissions required to use ApexSQL Doc?

What are the system requirements for ApexSQL Doc?

What output formats can ApexSQL Doc create?

Can I view a sample document?

Can I customize ApexSQL Doc documentation?

Database engine

What permissions are needed to document Azure databases with ApexSQL Doc?

I have a lot of sections that contain info such as: "No extended properties defined", "No statistics exist" and "No check constraints exist". Can I hide a section if it’s empty?

Can I document more than one database in the same output file?

Can I balance documenting speed with details that will appear in the final document?

Does ApexSQL Doc document object-level permissions?

Does ApexSQL Doc document extended stored procedures?

Can I document encrypted database objects?

Can ApexSQL Doc document symmetric keys, asymmetric keys and certificates?

Does ApexSQL Doc store the account that is running SQL Agent and SQL Server?

Is it possible to document Fixed Server roles in the ApexSQL Doc?

Is it possible to document stored procedures that have been created for replication?

Can ApexSQL Doc document dependencies based on external application dependencies?

How do I document cross-database dependencies?

Extended properties

I want to include extended properties in my documentation. Is this possible?

Integration services documentation

Does ApexSQL Doc document SSIS package dependencies?

Can ApexSQL Doc document encrypted packages?

Analysis services documentation

Can I document Multidimensional and Tabular databases and have separate documentation for both in one document?

How can I create SSAS documentation using the command line application?

Reporting services documentation

What SSRS report page items can be documented?

Can SSRS report documentation be automated?

What versions of SSRS reports can I document in ApexSQL Doc?

Can I document the SQL/MDX used to populate the SSRS dataset?

HTML documentation

Can I compile my own HTML project if I decide later that I want it in CHM (Help 2) or I want to edit the intermediary files?

I want to be able to make additional edits to the chm file generated by ApexSQL Doc. Is this possible?

How can I view my Help 2 project generated from command line mode? Do I have to register a namespace and a help file before viewing?

Tableau documentation

Can I document Tableau sites from Tableau Server and Tableau Online and have separate documentation for both in one document?

Can Tableau site documentation be automated?

Are workbook images supported in Tableau site documentation?

Which permissions are required to document Tableau sites?

SharePoint documentation

Can ApexSQL Doc connect to a SharePoint farm remotely?

Which permissions are required to document SharePoint farms?

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