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ApexSQL Data Diff


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What are the minimum Windows permissions required to install and use ApexSQL Data Diff?

What are the minimum SQL Server permissions required to use ApexSQL Data Diff?

What types of database backups can ApexSQL Data Diff compare?

Can data in encrypted views be compared and synchronized?

Can I use the tool while other processes (e.g. a backup or an ETL process) are running in the background?

SQL Server support

What SQL Server editions are supported?

What SQL Server versions are supported?

What SQL Server Management Studio versions does ApexSQL Data Diff integrate with?

Does ApexSQL Data Diff support Azure SQL Database or SQL Server on Amazon RDS?

Can all ApexSQL add-ins co-exist in a single SQL Server Management Studio instance?

Can I use ApexSQL Data Diff to restore data from a backup to an older SQL Server version?

Data comparison

Can ApexSQL Data Diff compare data stored in views?

Is there any way to save the detected data differences to a text file?

Can I compare data stored in two different tables located in the same database?

Can I compare data stored in objects with different names or structure?


If the synchronization script is aborted mid-execution, will it roll back any changes it made?

Can I control the growth of the destination database’s transaction log during data synchronization?

Is there a limit to the number of rows that ApexSQL Data Diff can compare and synchronize?

Can I synchronize only specific data?

Source control systems support

What source control systems are supported by ApexSQL Data Diff Professional?

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