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ApexSQL developer tool editions

All tools – data sources Community Standard Professional
Azure SQL Database (most tools)
SQL Server on Amazon RDS (most tools)
SQL Server Express (most tools)
SQL Server Standard and SQL Server Enterprise
All tools  – integration Community Standard Professional
SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
Visual Studio
Source control
All tools – inputs
Schema snapshot
SQL Script
SQL Server database
Native or natively compressed database backup
Script folder
Source control label
Source control project
All tools  - outputs Community Standard Professional
Schema snapshot
SQL script
Database installer, package (e.g. Executable installer, C# solution)
Script folder
Source control label
Source control project
All tools – other Community Standard Professional
Integrated SQL script editor
Save project as automation script
All tools – connectivity Community Standard Professional
Authentication (Windows, SQL Server, Azure Active Directory)
SQL Server on Linux
All tools  – source control Community Standard Professional
Team Foundation Server
Working with static data
Support all popular systems natively vs CLI
Working with Git branches
Working with Mercurial branches
Working with source control labels
All tools - interface Community Standard Professional
GUI themes
High DPI and 4K resolution support
Host aware theme integration
Microsoft standard iconography, colors and other visual effects
Command line interface
Build and deployment - ApexSQL Build Community Standard Professional
Accurate object dependencies
Consolidation of multiple scripts
Customizable builds
Customizable properties
Export data source (schema snapshot)
Refactor existing scripts for execution order
Transparent decryption of encrypted objects
Create database installers for remote updates
Data from input SQL script and SQL Server database 2019
Export data source (scripts folder, source control project)
Post-deployment scripts
Pre-deployment scripts 2019
Static data
Continuous integration and delivery - ApexSQL DevOps toolkit Free N/A N/A
Archive all output files in a central folder
Audit sensitive tables with DML triggers
Automatically create rollback scripts
Backup database 2018 R7
Build server PowerShell integration
Check for invalid objects
Compare production database with source control 2018 R7
Create deployment package
Customizable data sources
Documentation of database changes only
Find and mask sensitive data 2019 R2
Flexible pipeline creation
Format and obfuscate SQL code 2018 R7
Generate synthetic test data
Get notified when changes are detected in source control, before a build starts
Include custom PowerShell script 2019
Include static data in builds
Native plugin (Bamboo)
Native plugin (Jenkins)
Native plugin (Azure DevOps Server (TFS) and Azure DevOps Services) 2019
Native plugin (TeamCity)
Open sourced PowerShell code downloadable from GitHub
PowerShell cmdlets
PowerShell integration (any CI server with PowerShell support – AppVeyor, CruiseControl, GoCD, Hudson CI…)
PowerShell integration (Octopus Deploy) 2019 R3
Provision test, QA, staging database from production database 2018 R7
Publish NuGet packages
Report on changes
Review database based on built-in and custom written rules
Run SQL unit tests
State based database delivery
Support for advanced configuration through individual step project files
Synchronize target database with source control
Trigger an automated build on changes in source control
Validate schema changes 2018 R7
Web dashboard
Data comparison and synchronization - ApexSQL Data Diff Community Standard Professional
Compare data from SSMS
Compare data in SQL Server indexed views
Custom comparison keys for tables without PK or Unique constraints
Data compare filters
Export (CSV)
Export (Excel)
Impact analysis e.g. warnings and messages
MySQL data comparison 2019 2019 2019
Narrow a data comparison to affected rows only
Object mapping
Pre-sync action (backup destination database)
Pre-sync action (create rollback script)
Report (HTML)
Retention tables support 2019 2019 2019
Schema mapping
SQL Graph support 2019 2019 2019
Temporal tables support 2019 2019 2019
Compare and synchronize SQL Server data
Compare database with source control project
Compare database with SQL database backups without restoring
Perform a remote update via an executable installation package
Pre and post synch scripts
Pre-sync action (create script folder backup)
Row level recovery from a database backup
Data import and export - ApexSQL Pump N/A N/A Professional
Export data to 19 data sources 2018
Export table structure 2018
Import data from 16 data sources 2018
Multi-server support 2018
Option templates for export/import file formats 2018
Post deployment scripts for export data 2018
Pre and post deployment scripts for import data 2018
Preview data 2018
Support for all SQL Server data types 2018
Task queue 2018
Task scheduler 2018
Data masking - ApexSQL Mask N/A N/A Professional
Configure masking rules 2018
Create a new database 2018
Data sensitive filter (custom) 2018
Data sensitive filter (default) 2018
Data sensitive filter (import/export templates) 2018
Enable/disable constraints and triggers 2018
Generate every character of the original data in XML data type columns 2018
Mask data (table level) 2018
Mask data (column level) 2018
Mask data (row level) 2018
Overwrite database and create a backup file 2018
Partial masking 2018
Preview original and masked values 2018
Save a copy of a mask script 2018
Shuffle masked data in each column separately 2018
Database analysis - ApexSQL Analyze N/A N/A Professional
Client code analysis 2018 R5
Column level dependencies 2018 R5
Dependency details
Dependency levels
Dependency lists/tables
Export diagram (BMP, JPEG, partial selection)
Export diagram (EMF, PNG) 2018 R5
External database analysis 2018 R5
Filter, search and sort objects
Grouping options
Hide unreferenced objects
Impact analysis
Interactive visual dependencies
Layout options
Print diagram 2018 R5
Report (PDF, XML) 2018 R5
Shape options
Show/hide constraints and system objects 2018 R4
Show/hide objects
SQL object code
Update all objects from schema 2018 R5
Visible columns on objects
Visible dependency types
Zoom options
Database, BI, SharePoint and Tableau documentation - ApexSQL Doc Community Standard Professional
Cross-database dependencies
Document or ignore specific SQL database or object attributes
Document SQL graph tables 2019 2019 2019
Documentation (schema)
Inter-database and object dependencies
Output (CHM)
Extended property editor
Output (HTML, PDF, Word)
Personalized documentation
Create schema snapshots
Custom descriptions via extended properties
Data model diagrams
Differential documentation
Documentation (MySQL) 2019
Documentation (schema snapshot)
Documentation (SharePoint)
Documentation (SQL Server objects)
Documentation (SSAS)
Documentation (SSIS)
Documentation (SSRS)
Documentation (Tableau)
Documentation styles
Graphical dependencies
Multiple source documenting
Output (Markdown) 2019
SQL syntax highlighting
Decrypting - ApexSQL Decrypt Free N/A N/A
Action plan preview
Bulk decryption
Decryption script granularity
Filter encrypted objects
Script decryption
Developer productivity - ApexSQL Complete Free N/A N/A
Alter object scripting
Automatic tab renaming
Code structure viewer
Copy query result as
CRUD procedures
Current statement execution 2019
Executed queries
Execution alerts
Export result grid data to Excel
Go to object
Locating objects
Object definition
Object description
Results search
SQL code auto-completion
SQL code auto-replacements
Tab coloring
Tab navigation
Test mode
Toolbar support
File and folder compare - ApexSQL Compare Free N/A N/A
Compare (block-by-block)
Compare (char-by-char)
Compare (file)
Compare (folder)
Compare (line-by-line)
Compare (SQL Server object)
Ignore script options
Recent file list
Report (HTML)
Syntax highlighting
Two-way comparison and merge
Windows Explorer integration
Modeling - ApexSQL Model Community Standard Professional
Autosave models
Database modeling
Diagram layout customization
Edge routing customization
Export (BMP, JPG, PNG)
Model history navigation
Object grouping options
Printing model diagrams
Reverse engineering
Custom notes 2018 R3 2018 R3
Export (partial diagram selection) 2018 R3 2018 R3
Export (PDF) 2019 2019
Multiple database modeling 2019 2019
Object naming standard enforcement 2019 2019
Schema customization 2019 2019
Custom tasks
Forward engineering
Rules based enforcement - ApexSQL Enforce Community Standard Professional
Multi violation per rule 2018 R4 2018 R4 2018 R4
Rule categories
Set thresholds for running process
Merging rulebases (importing, exporting)
Report (HTML, FixSQL, XML)
Duplicate code finder for object pairs, objects and script blocks 2019
Managing rules (add, clone, delete, edit)
Schema comparison and synchronization - ApexSQL Diff Community Standard Professional
Automate schema snapshot archiving for change auditing
Character level object differences
Compare schemas from SSMS
Create a new database 2019 2019 2019
Error-free synchronization script
Examine differences using the summary view 2019 2019 2019
Filterable difference codes
Impact analysis e.g. warnings and messages
Include dependent database objects
MySQL schema comparison 2019 2019 2019
Narrow schema comparison and synchronization to affected objects only
Object mapping 2019 2019 2019
Pre-sync action (create rollback script)
Pre-sync action (create script folder backup)
Pre-sync action (create snapshot script)
Retention table support 2019 2019 2019
Schema mapping
SQL Graph support 2019 2019 2019
Temporal tables support 2019 2019 2019
Transparent decryption of encrypted objects
Visual filtering of schema objects
Automate comparison and synchronization of SQL Server database objects with a shared script folder
Automate pulling SQL Server database objects from a shared script folder to a local database
Automate SQL Server database schemas synchronization
Deploy object changes directly from source control label
Perform a remote update via an executable installation package
Pre and post synchronization scripts
Restore selected objects from a database backup without restoring
SSIS package comparison
Task scheduler 2019
Scripting - ApexSQL Script Community Standard Professional
Column level scripting
Combine objects and data in single SQL script
Create DDL and DML SQL scripts for specific SQL database objects only
Customizable scripting options
Extended property editor
Including object dependencies for scripting
Object filtering
Schema mapping
Script a database for specific DML records only
Script encrypted objects
Script encrypted SQL database objects
Script multiple databases simultaneously
Script SQL Server database users with roles
SQL Server bulk copy and bulk import and export
Transfer SQL logins for users with many SQL-authenticated logins
Where clause filtering
Automatically script SQL Server table data and object schema directly to source control
Commit SQL Server table static data to a source control repository
Create SQL database executable installer
Pre and post synchronization scripts
Search - ApexSQL Search Free N/A N/A
Copy cell
Copy to clipboard as CSV, Excel, HTML and XML
Edit extended properties
Navigate to object explorer node
Object search
Preview window 2019
Safe rename
Save search results as CSV, HTML and XML
Search across several object types and databases
Search history
Search part of SQL object definition 2019
Search roles, certificates, and full-text catalogs object types
Search with wildcards and booleans
Text search
Toolbar support 2019
View all references to an object
Source control - ApexSQL Source Control ** N/A N/A Professional
Branching / merging
Built-in difference merging
Check for dependent objects
Commit other user changes
Custom scripts
Database change log
Development model (Dedicated)
Development model (Shared)
Development policy (Optional)
Development policy (Permissive)
Development policy (Restrictive)
Ignore comparison and synchronization options
Import options to many servers/databases
Logging levels 2019
Merging differences - third party support
Migration scripts
Object and project history
Object change log
Object check out without locking
Object filtering
Object locking
Object status check interval
Offline mode for Git and Mercurial
Set user default configuration
SQL graph support 2019
Team Foundation Server check-in policies
View user changes
Work item association
SQL code formatting - ApexSQL Refactor Free N/A N/A
Batch SQL objects formatting
Batch SQL scripts formatting
Formatting options 281
Impact preview
Quick format actions 2019
Skip formatting for selected code 2019
SQL code refactoring - ApexSQL Refactor Free N/A N/A
Add surrogate key
Change parameters
Convert to code
Encapsulate code as: Scalar inline function
Encapsulate code as: Stored procedure
Encapsulate code as: Table inline function
Encapsulate code as: View
Object name qualifying
Rename variables and aliases 2019
Replace one-to-many-relationship
Safe rename
Search for invalid objects 2019
Search for unused parameters and variables
Split table
Wildcard expansion
SQL unit testing - ApexSQL Unit Test N/A N/A Professional
Customizable success thresholds
Demo kit database with predefined unit tests
Export (SQL database table, SQL script)
Get messages about passed and failed SQL unit tests
Manage all SQL unit tests from within a single form
Multi-selection of unit tests in the "Unit test explorer" tab
Organize SQL unit tests in test classes
Report (XML)
Run SQL unit tests under one class with a single click
Run SQL unit tests with a single click
SQL Cop tests
Stop SQL unit test execution at any time
Test status indicators
Test data generation - ApexSQL Generate Community Standard Professional
Action plan and post-generation summary
Auto-convert data when the source data is a different data type 2019 2019 2019
Between-column dependency support 2019 2019 2019
Create meaningful test data with the predefined generator
Direct execution against database
Export (CSV, Excel, JSON, SQL script, XML)
Generate test data into graph node tables 2019 2019 2019
Generator (Cross-column)
Generator (Disable triggers and constraints)
Generator (Foreign key)
Generator (Generic - random, incremental, regular expression, text shuffler)
Generator (IronPython)
Generator (Shareable user-defined)
Generator (SQL query)
Generator (SQL table or view)
Generator (Weighted list - nested and regex)
Generators (Predefined) 224 224 224
Generators (Text - Lorem ipsum, sentence generator)
Table mapping
Test data preview (CSV, Excel, JSON, SQL, XML)
Use the Seed option to recall the same random generated data
Visual dependencies
Generator (CSV file)
Generator (Directory)
How to generate randomized test data from a CSV file
Pre and post-processing scripts
Trigger based auditing - ApexSQL Trigger N/A N/A Professional
Audited data management
Auditing (data)
Auditing (schema)
Auditing customization
Centralized auditing model
Email alert upon changes
Reports customization
Triggers management

*     When the feature exists and the tool has different editions
**    First 3 licenses of ApexSQL Source Control per company, are free