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Forward and reverse engineer
Customize the appearance of models
Create new or modify existing object groups
Navigate through model history
Export database models as images
Customize print output


Database modeling

Create new database models or make changes to existing models using the graphical user interface and various customization options

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Forward engineering

Update an existing database from the model leveraging the comparison and synchronization capabilities of ApexSQL Diff

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Reverse engineering

Create a new model from an existing database

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Model history navigation

Instantly revert or redo any changes to the model

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Object grouping

Create new or modify existing object groups using the grouping options

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Diagram layout customization

Customize the appearance of database models by using predefined layouts

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Edge routing customization

Customize the look of relationship connector line edges by using the Edge routing option

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Autosave models

Automatically save model files

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Export model diagrams

Save database models into JPEG, BMP and PNG formats

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Print model diagrams

Configure and customize print output with a variety of options

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What’s next in ApexSQL Developer: ApexSQL Model – database diagramming

This blog article is a sneak peek into the upcoming release of ApexSQL Model - a database development tool used for creating database model diagrams and synchronizing changes with existing databases

Reverse engineering tour – Visualizing databases with data model diagrams

This article shows a quick overview of ERD aka data model diagrams created by reverse engineering most commonly used SQL Server sample databases.


Schema customization

Add new or edit existing database schemas

Multiple database support

Connect to multiple databases and use them for modeling

Support for Visual Studio integration

Integrate into Visual studio 2017 and earlier

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ApexSQL Model 2018 R2 Q2 ApexSQL Model 2018 R3 Q3
Data modeling
Schema customization
Multiple database modeling
Partial selections
Source Control integration
SQL Server Management Studio integration
Visual Studio integration
ApexSQL Model 2018 R2 Q2 ApexSQL Model 2018 R3 Q3

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