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Forward and reverse engineer
Customize the appearance of models
Create new or modify existing object groups
Navigate through model history
Export database models as images
Customize print output


Database reverse engineering

Create a new model from an existing database

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New database forward engineering

Create new database or database creation scirpt from the model

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Forward engineering changes to an existing database

Update an existing database or create sync script from the model

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Model history navigation

Instantly revert or redo any changes to the model

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Object grouping

Create new or modify existing object groups using options from drop down menu

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Diagram layout customization

Customize the appearance of database models with predefinened layouts: Orthogonal, Compact orthogonal, Direct orthogonal, Circural, Hierarchical and Tree:

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Edge routing customization

Customize relationship connector line edges with different routing layouts: Orthogonal, Polyline, Channel and Organic:

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Save database model diagrams into JPEG, BMP and PNG formats

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Configure and customize print output with a variety of options

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Printer friendly options

Print models faster, with less ink and/or colors
Note that grouping colors are converted to text labels

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Element search

Search and focus on objects within model

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Table customization

Customize table display with a variety of options and settings

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Source control

[Coming soon] Use integrated source control for sharing models between developers.
Version individual table changes directly from ApexSQL Model with standard check-out, change, check-in actions

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Additional actions

Integrate directly with other ApexSQL tools to document model and compare models

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Visual themes

Customize the visual appearance with interface themes. Learn more

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ApexSQL Model 2018 – Screen shot tour

This article represents a screen shot tour of ApexSQL Model features with a brief description

Free SQL modeling tool – ApexSQL Model is now free

ApexSQL Model has been converted to freeware with version 2018 R2

Does the world need another database modeling tool?

This article represents a qucik overview of some of the ApexSQL Model main features

Customizing table element displays in ApexSQL Model

This article explains all details on customizing table styles on diagram

What’s new in ApexSQL Developer: ApexSQL Model – database diagramming

A database development tool used for creating database model diagrams and synchronizing changes with existing databases

Reverse engineering tour – Visualizing databases with data model diagrams

This article shows a quick overview of ERD aka data model diagrams created by reverse engineering most commonly used SQL Server sample databases.

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Index customization

Add new or edit existing indexes

Source control integration

Integrate with all popular SC systems: Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, and Azure DevOps Server (TFS)

Support for MySQL Server

Create or update databases on MySQL Server

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2019 R2 2019 Q3 2019 R3 2019 Q3
Data modeling
Create model from Snapshot
Import only selected objects from database to model
Index customization
Standalone script generator
Enforce naming standard
Table customization
Additional table customization
Profiles for table customization
Show/hide tables and groups on diagrams
Export part of a diagram
Source control integration - Model only
Source control integration - Individual objects
SQL Server 2019 support
2019 R2 2019 Q3 2019 R3 2019 Q3

Other free tools


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SQL Server instance discovery

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Plan exploring

Query execution plan exploration and analysis

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Improved SQL coding and productivity

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Multi-database script execution

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SQL text and object search

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Database DevOps

Continuous integration and delivery

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