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Is your support any good?

How soon will you get back to me?

What happens if I don't have "support"?

Do you do demos?

Do you support your free tools?

Will you fix my bug?

What are the system requirements for ApexSQL tools?

Do ApexSQL tools support any other database system besides Microsoft SQL Server?

How do I manually activate my software?

Where can I get help with product activation?

How can I be notified of new version releases?

How can I keep the product configuration and settings I used during the trial period?

Should I expect any problems running ApexSQL software on a VM?

I'm unable to run an ApexSQL product after an auto-update. What should I do?

I have multiple SQL Server and Visual Studio versions. Can your add-ins run on all of them?

Can running ApexSQL tools be scheduled?

Can I use ApexSQL saved projects on other machines?

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