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Best vendor support

How can I tell if I have the latest version of my ApexSQL software

This article shows how to check if the user is running the latest application version and how to update to the latest one

How to send log files from ApexSQL tools

This article shows how to send application log files from ApexSQL tools to ApexSQL Support team

How to extend an ApexSQL application trial

This article shows how to extend the application trial with the help of ApexSQL sales agent

How to turn off the ApexSQL auto-updater

This article shows how to disable the auto-update option

How do I get my hardware ID?

This article describes the different ways you can get your hardware ID

What kind of additional information can I send about a technical problem to help resolve it?

This article covers general and issue specific information which may be helpful to resolve the problem

SQL disaster recovery article index

This article provides key information and links to all important recovery-related articles

What information do I need to send to get help with a SQL recovery?

This article helps users to gather information to send to the ApexSQL Support team to receive adequate and timely help with a SQL recovery process

Four ways of scheduling ApexSQL tools

This article describes how to schedule ApexSQL tool tasks to run unattended, at a specific time/date, etc., using four different ways of scheduling

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Is your support any good?

We think so ;) and we've gotten good validation from the community. We take pride in our level of support and even wrote a creed about it. If you don’t agree, please email our CEO, Brian Lockwood, with specifics and he would be happy to discuss with you suggestions on how we can improve

How soon will you get back to me?

We will generally acknowledge emails immediately (within 1 hour) and respond quickly thereafter. We may follow up with some questions, a request for the application log, etc. We prioritize responses to customers by their support and upgrades contract

What happens if I don't have "support"?

You can always upgrade or renew to get current. Just ask our team for assistance. We will still try to address your issue, but it is not prioritized as highly as customers with a current support and upgrades contract

Do you do demos?

Sure. Please contact us to set up a demo for any product

Do you support your free tools?

Sure. All tools in a bundle are covered if you have a current support and upgrades contract. We don’t differentiate free vs non-free tools



Thanks a lot, you are the best tech support company I ever dealt with.

Daniel Liu

.NET Senior Consultant

Orange County Probation Department

As always, ApexSQL Support is second to none.Thank you for your quick response.

Ron Nyegard

STERIS Isomedix Services

You guys amaze me! You are so right on the ball with your support.

Bill Mosca

DBA/Database Application Developer

Eclipsys Corporation®-The Outcomes Company®

By the way, great support... In fact you give the best support I ever had with any software company... Keep up the good work!

Mathieu Grondin

Gestion Vision Globale, Inc.

Thanks for all your help and we had the very best support from you. You guys Rock and again Thanks for all your help.

Sreeni Reddy

Operational Database Administrator

American Psychiatric Association

I have to say that I appreciate the level and the quality of support I received from you and your company. I am sure this is not the last product that we will purchase from your company.

Steven Ryabinky

Senior Consultant

Ventera Corporation

I do commend you all for your great support so far. I have identified some things that I hope could help make it even better in some ways, but I am already very impressed with your support so far, which is very encouraging to me, and also very important as I continue to evaluation the tool in consideration of possibly recommending it later to my clients and community constituents.

Charlie Arehart

ApexSQL software is truly the best software for administering multiple databases. We purchased the ApexSQL Universal package and it is simply amazing. With ApexSQL, you're able to stay ahead of possible conflicts and you no longer have to worry about losing data. We are 100% satisfied with ApexSQL’ s tech support, customer service, and software. Thank you ApexSQL!!!

Andy Warren

IS Project Specialist

Schneider Mills Inc.

I greatly appreciate your assistance. I have to say all of my experiences with ApexSQL have been great. Thank you for the wonderful customer service.

Bryan Benton

Director of Information Technology

Wiginton Corporation

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