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ApexSQL VM Monitor release notes




March 09, 2018


  • Monitoring of virtual machines cannot be re-enabled after is disabled in the Group dashboard
  • The special characters cannot be used for repository database name
  • The blank page is displayed after switching from subsystem details (Chart details) page to any dashboard page
  • The Configuration page is blank when switching from another page and virtual machine is selected in the tree view
  • High alerts for virtual machine availability cannot be opened
  • The memory available metric and other memory metrics charts do not have any values for Hyper-V hypervisors
  • The purge operation automatically triggers the repository index rebuild operation
  • Custom metrics, for "Memory" category, are not being measured
  • Existing custom metrics are not saved after being edited
  • Missing alerts read/unread indication on the Alerts page
  • The blank page is displayed when the "Back" button is clicked on under a web browser, in case when previous page is the Dashboard
  • The repository log file shrinks when the purge functionality is performed
  • Virtual machine cannot be excluded from monitoring under the Virtual machines configuration page
  • Hypervisor severity and alert summary number in Group dashboard table view are not correctly calculated
  • The application excessively triggers alerts for availability even when the availability state has not been changed
  • Baselines can be calculated for period shorter than 7 days
  • The manual port test in the setup dialog does not check for unsafe port numbers when HTTP and HTTPS ports are tested




January 22, 2018


  • Monitor virtualization host performance metrics
  • Monitor virtual machine performance metrics
  • Select which metrics will be monitored for individual host or virtual machine
  • Custom configuration for all metrics
  • Real-time graphical presentation of monitored metrics
  • Store metric historic data
  • Graphical presentation of historic data
  • Purging of historic data
  • Alerting
  • Individual alert management
  • Performance baselining
  • Baseline threshold adjustment
  • Create and export reports
  • Alert actions
  • Maintenance periods scheduling
  • Predefined user roles
  • GUI themes
  • Supports Microsoft Hyper-V 2012, 2012R2 and 2016
  • Supports VMware ESXi 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5