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Compare live DBs, backups, script folders and SC projects
Deploy a database directly from source control
Community, Standard, and Professional editions
Integrate with all popular SC systems e.g. Git, SVN
Automate and schedule database synchronizations
Initiate database compares directly from SSMS
Report results to HTML, XML and Excel
Create executable installation packages


SQL database backups comparison

Compare SQL databases against backups without restoring. Learn more

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SSMS integration

Compare SQL database schemas directly from SQL Server Management Studio. Learn more

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Export SQL database comparison results to HTML. Learn more

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Accurate dependencies

Recognize all object interdependencies, even those that even SQL Server itself fails to identify, to ensure perfect sync scripts every time

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Schema snapshots

Build a continuous audit trail of all SQL schema changes through schema snapshots. Create snapshots nightly with scheduled jobs. Learn more

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Pre-impact analysis

Review the impact of the synchronization script before it is executed, including warning levels and messages

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Database builds

Deploy scripts saved in a file or under source control to a new or existing SQL database. Learn more

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Repeatable sessions

Save your settings to a project for re-execution of the same session

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Custom script support

Augment the deployment script with your own pre or post synchronization scripts

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Native IDE

Use a built-in SQL editor to review and edit SQL scripts prior to execution

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Difference viewer

Quickly identify line level differences between compared SQL databases

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Schema mapping

Compare SQL objects with different users. Learn more

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Transparent decryption

Compare encrypted SQL objects

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Object filters

Selectively limit what will be compared and synchronized with advanced, visual filtering

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Source control integration

Including Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, and Team Foundation Server

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Advantages of ApexSQL Diff

This article describes key and unique features, as well as important advantages of ApexSQL Diff

How to automatically keep two SQL Server database schemas in sync

This article describe how a system including a SQL Server database schema compare tool, along with some PowerShell and a scheduler can keep the QA database in sync and up to date, and run automatically and unattended

How to build a “smart” SQL Server Data dictionary

This article explains how to create a smart data dictionary using XML schema change exports from ApexSQL Diff

How to automatically monitor a SQL Server database for schema changes and create an audit log

This article explains how to set up a simple yet powerful system to monitor an unlimited number of databases, that can be connected to via the workstation client that ApexSQL Diff is installed on

How to keep a source control repository updated with the latest SQL Server database changes

This article describes how a system including a SQL Server database schema compare tool, along with some PowerShell and a scheduler can keep a source control repository in sync and up to date, in near real time, and run automatically and unattended

Compare SQL Server database schemas automatically

This article describes how to automate comparison and synchronization of SQL Server database schemas using ApexSQL Diff

How to version and audit schemas and rollback changes with schema snapshots

This article describes method of database versioning, where the whole database schema is saved to a snapshot file, which can be reused later on to recreate the captured state of a database

ApexSQL Diff Command Line Interface (CLI) switches

This article explains the ApexSQL Diff CLI switches, and their usage through the examples

ApexSQL Diff 2017 – Screen shot tour

This article represents a screen shot tour of ApexSQL Diff features with a brief description

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ApexSQL Redgate®
Community Standard Professional Standard Pro
SQL Server editions
      Azure SQL Database
      SQL Server on Amazon RDS
      Proprietary schema snapshot
      Native or natively compressed database backup
      Script folder
      Source control project and label
      SSIS packages
      3rd party backup
      Direct execution against database (synchronization)
      Proprietary schema snapshot
      SQL script
      Source control project or label (synchronization)
      Database installer package (e.g. Executable installer, C# solution)
      SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
Reports and exports
      Excel export
      HTML reports
      XML export
General features
      Character level object differences
      Impact analysis e.g. warnings and messages
      Schema mapping
      Visual filtering of schema objects
      Create snapshot or rollback script prior to synchronization
      Filterable difference codes
      Create script folder backup prior to synchronization
      Pre and post synchronization scripts
Supported source control systems
      Subversion Native Native
      Team Foundation Server Native Native
      Git Native CLI
      Mercurial Native CLI
      Perforce Native CLI
      Command line interface
      Source control label support
      Integrated SQL script editor
      Save project as batch file
Use cases
      Automate schema snapshot archiving for change auditing
      Deploy object changes directly from source control label
      Restore selected objects from a database backup without restoring
      Perform a remote update via an executable installation package
Free $399 $599 $495 $745

ApexSQL Diff 2017.04

Redgate® SQL Compare 13.0

Comparison was conducted on October 26, 2017

Disclaimer: All product and company names are trademarks or registered® trademarks of their respective holders.
ApexSQL is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with other companies listed or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates


New GUI themes

White, colorful and dark

SSIS package comparison

Compare SQL Server Integration Services packages


Create custom mapping of tables and columns

See our entire roadmap

The roadmap does not show maint only releases

ApexSQL Diff 2017 R1 Released ApexSQL Diff 2017 R2 Released ApexSQL Diff 2017 R3 Released ApexSQL Diff 2018 R1 Q1 ApexSQL Diff 2018 R2 Q2
SQL Server Integration Services package comparison
Mapping tables and columns
Comparison options
Ignore lock escalation property of tables
Ignore brackets
Ignore case for text objects
Ignore default column collations
Ignore DML triggers
Ignore semicolons
Ignore tSQLt
Create snapshot of destination database before synchronization
Create rollback script for destination database before synchronization
Create script folder backup for destination script folder or source control before synchronization
Direct synchronization of saved data sources
Synchronization options
Add constraints and keys to tables using with nocheck
Force column order
XML export customization options
Export schema differences to SQL and database
Execution results
GUI features
Script difference panel options:
Change colors
Increase/Decrease font size
Word wrap
Create new database
Play a sound upon finished operation
Logging level switch
Sound playing switch upon finished operation
No differences detected return code
Return error code on equal switch
XML export customization options switch
Create snapshot of destination database before synchronization switch
Destination snapshot file name switch
Create rollback script for destination dababase before synchronization switch
Destination rollback script file name switch
Create script folder backup for destination script folder or source control before synchronization switch
Destination script folder backup path switch
Comparison summary output switch
Synchronization warnings output switch
Synchronization summary output switch
Differential backup set switches
Integration services connection switches:
Integration services packages switches
Package files switches
SQL Server packages switches
SSISDB catalog packages switches
SSIS project file switches
Server name for the comparison results output database
Login for server for the comparison results output database
Login’s password for server for the comparison results output database
Database name for the comparison results output database
New values for the output type switches: SQL compare results and database
Dependencies output switch
Actions output switch
Execution results output switch
SQL Server 2017 support
SQL Server Management Studio 17 integration
GUI themes
ApexSQL Diff 2017 R1 Released ApexSQL Diff 2017 R2 Released ApexSQL Diff 2017 R3 Released ApexSQL Diff 2018 R1 Q1 ApexSQL Diff 2018 R2 Q2


ApexSQL Diff tools... time-saving, life-saving software.... I love it :)

Ben Joyce

Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd

Microsoft Great Plains is a database that has over 1,000 tables and 11,000 stored procedures and a large amount of other objects contained in SQL. I have looked at many different products to show the differences between the different versions of GP and ApexSQL, in my opinion was the fastest. Since their new changes to ApexSQL Diff they've even surpassed their own record in how long it takes to compare the databases. I validate this because I didn't do an accurate timing 2 years ago but I'm pretty sure the comparison has gone from 10-15 minutes down to less than a few minutes. It's amazing how fast it really works!

Jaydel Gluckie

.net Development Manager

Horizons International

Thank you for the fine product your company delivers (ApexSQL Diff). I have caused several companies to purchase this during my career as a DBA as I find it to be the best at reconciling database structure, hands down. I have successfully activated the software and as usual am extremely happy with the upgrade

Chuck Fox

Blue Frog Solutions Inc.

Thank you for all the help! After working with ApexSQL Diff for so many years it is extremely encouraging to see your involvement in the direction of the products! I still remember when I first started using proc-blaster (many moons and employers ago)! The product line has come a long way since those days and I am encouraged by the direction the applications have gone. :) With each release you have made my life easier :)

Tom Bruinsma

Vice President - Integration Services

MicroLogix Information Systems, Inc.

Keep up the good work by the way, I′m using 2 of your products on a daily basis. ApexSQL Diff rocks

Joris Laperre


Global Care Solutions

As your product offers the best set of features I’ve seen so far and your customer-service has fully convinced me (couldn't be better, keep it going like this) I’d like to order a license of ApexSQL Diff

Martin Schwier

Proj. Manager

WDT Datentechnik GmbH, Germany

ApexSQL Diff paid for itself in the first hour of using it. I synced 12 different databases to a common rev and man am I happy

Casey Kirt

Bell Mortgage

Project Manager

ApexSQL Diff is a great product. Keep on the good work

Kris Gilot

Software Manager


Renewal installed working fine. Boy I missed ApexSQL Diff, I tried a bunch of other softwares lately and yours is the only I felt at ease with

Jean-Luc Praz


Corobori WebDesign

ApexSQL Diff is indispensable to me to sync objects between databases, and especially between source control and production (enabling clear view of exact changes going into production) once amended objects are ready for deployment.

Robert Blomstrand

Senior Database and .Net Developer Consultant

Exabyte Development

I love the ApexSQL Diff tool it is an integral part of my update process, I use it to update customer databases to the latest format required by our software. I don’t know what I would do without it. It works every time and I’ve never had an issue.

Annette Kord


Kord Information Systems, LLC

ApexSQL Diff is one of the best and well supported time and effort saver when it comes to database schema management.

Shukhrat Nekbaev

.NET Developer

ApexSQL Diff is part of the

ApexSQL CI/CD toolkit

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