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Backup management and automation



Database performance monitoring


Source control

Integrated SQL source control


Backup and restore activities history
Monitor multiple SQL Server instances
Lock objects to prevent overwrites
Manage and automate backup jobs
View system performance metrics
Easy conflict resolution
Create backup plans
Monitor AlwaysOn availability groups
Detailed history of changes
Cross server backup management
Monitor failover clusters
Git, Perforce, SVN, TFS, Mercurial
Predefined templates for backup plans
Calculate baselines and thresholds
Apply label from source control
Graphs for all backup metric
Monitor index performance
Check out and lock objects

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Our company grows quickly. We have got plans to improve monitoring our SQL infrastructure. At first I tested ApexSQL Monitor for our one important instance and I would like to use this for production. In future we need to choose monitoring software for our others instances (about 50 servers). I will recommend ApexSQL because joins simplicity and powerful capabilities. I'm surprised how much time we can save!

Tomasz Kalinowski

IT Specialist

PKO Leasing S.A.

I have been impressed with ApexSQL’s excellent range of products that meet essential needs at cost-effective prices compared to their competitors. I have enjoyed the experiences with the products that I have used but beyond anything, I have been really impressed with the quality and speed of their service. Any issues that I have had, have been speedily and effectively resolved with excellent communication at all times.

Robert Blomstrand

Senior Database and .Net Developer Consultant

We are really satisfied with ApexSQL Source Control tool and really pleased to be part of your success. Congratulations!

Felipe Souza

Linear Code

Really good product, really pleased I found you guys on the web

Martin Horton

IT Manager

Hospital Metalcraft Ltd.

I was waiting for a tool like this one, it's really helpful

Adrian Di Ruggiero

Senior software developer

Really loving the ApexSQL offerings. You are now our first choice for SQL tools.

Michael Wolfe

Engineering Supervisor


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