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ApexSQL Trigger


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What mechanism does ApexSQL Trigger use to audit?

Will the trigger based auditing affect the performance of my application/database?

How is ApexSQL Trigger licensed?

Do I have to pay a licensing fee if I use generated triggers in a custom application I’m building?

Is there a way to distribute audit reporting to my end users without giving them access to the full functionality of ApexSQL Trigger or buying additional licenses?

Can I customize the trigger template?

Do you offer other approaches to auditing besides triggers?


What database changes can be audited?

Where is the auditing information stored?

What permissions are required for installing and running the ApexSQL Trigger?

What SQL Server permissions are required to run ApexSQL Trigger on a database?

Can I have my own triggers on the table that is being audited by ApexSQL Trigger?

Can ApexSQL Trigger track changes in SQL Azure database?

Can ApexSQL Trigger track changes in tables without a primary key or a unique index?

In what order are the auditing triggers fired?

Will I have to re-create the triggers if I change the audited table schema?

Are Windows logins captured?

Audit architecture

What is the audit architecture and why do I need it?

Are system tables changed during the auditing set up?

Can I manually delete all architecture objects?


What are Watches?

Can I add more than one Watch field for a single audited field?

Can I associate a single Watch field to more than one audited field?


What are lookups?

What is the difference between lookups and watches?

Can I add more than one condition to a Lookup?

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