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ApexSQL Search for MySQL


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ApexSQL add-ins general FAQs

Visual Studio support

Does add-in support object search MySQL databases on Azure and Amazon RDS?

Which versions of Visual Studio ApexSQL Search for MySQL support?

Which versions of MySQL does ApexSQL Search for MySQL support?

Can I use ApexSQL Search for MySQL in SQL Server Management Studio?

What do I need to add to install in order to use ApexSQL Search for MySQL?


Which object types ApexSQL Search for MySQL can search?

Can I save MySQL search results form the Object search result grid?

Can I copy the MySQL search results form the Object search result grid?

Can an object from the MySQL search results be found in Server Explorer pane?

Can MySQL results scope be narrowed down?

Can I find data in MySQL tables and views?

Why is the Navigation to server explorer node command in the context menu of the Object search result grid is gray out in some cases?

Which minimum permissions are necessary for using the Object search feature?

Can the objects in SQL Server Object Explorer be located using Navigate to server explorer node command?

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