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ApexSQL Clean


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Can I save my projects and options for future reference?

I'm having display problems because of the large number of objects. Can I group and sort them?

ApexSQL Clean identified un-referenced objects in my database. How can I safely remove these objects?

Can ApexSQL Clean show which columns participate in a dependency relationship?

Can ApexSQL Clean identify dependencies for dynamic SQL in objects like stored procedures and functions?

Can ApexSQL Clean find external references to objects in different databases?

File analysis

Can I analyze my .NET projects or other client code (Delphi, C++, ASP, etc.) for database?

I would like my searches for objects in source code files to be case sensitive. How can I do that?

Dependency viewer

Can I see a visual representation of the dependency analysis?

What export/save options do I have in the Dependency viewer?

Can I change the look and appearance of objects in the Dependency viewer?

Command line interfacer

I have a large and busy database I want to check for references. But I don’t want any unnecessary workload on that database during peak usage hours. Can I schedule a job to start the dependency analysis in off-peak hours?

The command line operation of ApexSQL Clean requires that I provide a bit-wise value for determining which object types are to be documented. How can I determine that value?