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ApexSQL Backup


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Does ApexSQL Backup install anything on my SQL Server?

What impact does ApexSQL Backup agent have on the server performance?

Can ApexSQL Backup be used to manage MySQL databases?

Can I use ApexSQL Backup in a clustered environment, or with Always ON Availability Groups?

What should I do if I encounter the problem with the application?

How do I send log files?


What are system requirements for ApexSQL Backup?

What versions of SQL Server does ApexSQL Backup support?

Licensing and evaluation

How is ApexSQL Backup licensed?

Are there any limitations or restrictions in evaluation version of ApexSQL Backup?

How many licenses do I need if I want to manage n SQL Server instances on a single virtual machine?

I have a problem with my license. Who should I contact to resolve this?

How long is the trial period?

Can I extend the trial period?

Backup and restore jobs

Can I automate backup, restore and maintenance jobs with ApexSQL Backup?

Which backup types are supported by ApexSQL Backup?

Can ApexSQL Backup create compressed backup files?

How does backup compression work with ApexSQL Backup?

Is backup compression supported for SQL Server 2005?

Does ApexSQL Backup support backup encryption?

What type of encryption does ApexSQL Backup use?

Can ApexSQL Backup use backup files made by the third party application?

Can I use backup files created with ApexSQL Backup with other 3rd party applications?

Can I manage multiple SQL Server instances from a single console?

Does ApexSQL Backup support log shipping?

Does ApexSQL Backup use any undocumented features on SQL Server?

Can I define a job, and run it against multiple databases on the server?

Can I set a schedule for a job?

Can I monitor failed backup or restore jobs with ApexSQL Backup?

Is it possible to set notifications on failed jobs?

Can ApexSQL Backup be set to delete old backup files automatically?

Can I verify the backup files after the backup process is complete?

Is it possible to create split backup files with ApexSQL Backup?

Does ApexSQL Backup support backup mirroring?

Can I monitor the backup history?

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