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ApexSQL BI Monitor


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What are the system requirements for ApexSQL BI Monitor?

What can I monitor with ApexSQL BI Monitor?

Can I monitor server’s physical resources?

Is ApexSQL BI Monitor hurting performance on the monitored instances?

What impact does specific metric have on system performance?

How fast are metrics updated?

How are metrics shown?

Are the monitored values from previous days available for later use?

Can I purge historical data?

Can I track different metrics on different BI instances and machines?

Can I track remote BI instance and machine performance?


Can ApexSQL BI Monitor alert me when an issue occurs?

Can I change alert threshold values?


Is reporting available?

What are supported file formats to export reports?

Can I create a new report type?

Can I create a report for resolved alerts?

Licensing and evaluation

Is evaluation version of ApexSQL BI Monitor fully functional?

How is ApexSQL BI Monitor licensed?

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