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ApexSQL offers competitive upgrades that are completely free and come with 1 year support and upgrades

We can convert any competitive SQL tool or bundle, that is still under a current support and upgrades contract, to free license(s) of a comparable ApexSQL tool or bundle. Just let us know the competitor tool(s), provide some proof of purchase (invoice, about screen shot etc) and email us. We'll send your keys back the same day.

Check out table below and see what you are eligible for:

Individual tools
DBA tools
Auditing and compliance
Idera® SQL Compliance Manager ApexSQL Audit
Netwrix® Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server
Lepide® LepideAuditor
Database backup Idera® SQL Safe Backup ApexSQL Backup
RedGate® SQL Backup Pro
Minionware® Minion Backup
Index defragmentation Idera® SQL Defrag Manager ApexSQL Defrag
RedGate® SQL Index Manager
Devart® db Forge Index Manager
Minionware® Minion Reindex
Multi-DB script execution RedGate® SQL Multi-Script ApexSQL Propagate (FREE)
xSQL® Script Executor
Idera® Multi Query
Performance monitoring Solarwinds® Database Performance Analyzer ApexSQL Monitor
Idera® SQL Diagnostic Manager
SentryOne® SQL Sentry for SQL Server ApexSQL Monitor
ApexSQL Defrag
ApexSQL Job (SOON)
ApexSQL Plan (FREE)
RedGate® SQL Monitor ApexSQL Monitor
Developer tools
Continuous integration and delivery RedGate® DLM Automation ApexSQL DevOps toolkit (FREE)
Data compare RedGate® SQL Data Compare  Professional ApexSQL Data Diff (professional edition)
SQL Data Compare ApexSQL Data Diff (standard edition)
Idera® SQL Comparison Toolset ApexSQL Data Diff (standard edition)
ApexSQL Diff (standard edition)
Devart® dbForge Data Compare ApexSQL Data Diff (standard edition)
SQL Accessories® SQL Data Examiner
SQL Delta® Data Compare
Dependency analysis RedGate® SQL Dependency Tracker ApexSQL Analyze
Pragmatic Works® Schema surf
Documentation RedGate® SQL Doc ApexSQL Doc (standard edition)
Pragmatic Works® Doc xPress ApexSQL Doc (professional edition)
Acceleratio® SPDockit
Object decryption RedGate® SQL Prompt ApexSQL Decrypt (FREE)
ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
ApexSQL Refactor (FREE)
Object refactoring and SQL formatting RedGate® SQL Prompt ApexSQL Refactor (FREE)
ApexSQL Decrypt (FREE)
ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
Devart® SQL Complete ApexSQL Refactor (FREE)
ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
SSMSBoost® SSMSBoost ApexSQL Refactor (FREE)
ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
SoftTree® SQL Assistant ApexSQL Refactor (FREE)
ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
Packaging and deployment SSW® SQL Deploy ApexSQL Build (professional edition)
Schema compare RedGate® SQL Compare  Professional ApexSQL Diff (professional edition)
SQL Compare ApexSQL Diff (standard edition)
Idera® SQL Comparison Toolset ApexSQL Diff (standard edition)
ApexSQL Data Diff (standard edition)
Devart® dbForge Schema Compare ApexSQL Diff (standard edition)
SQL Accessories® SQL Examiner
SQL Delta® Schema Compare
Script comparison Devart® Code Compare ApexSQL Compare (FREE)
PrestoSoft® ExamDiff Pro
Scooter Software® Beyond Compare
Thingamahoochie Software® WinMerge
Grig software® Compare It
SQL Source Control RedGate® SQL Source Control ApexSQL Source Control
Devart® dbForge Source Control
SQL unit testing RedGate® SQL Test ApexSQL Unit Test
Devart® dbForge Unit Test
Statement auto complete RedGate® SQL Prompt ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
ApexSQL Refactor (FREE)
ApexSQL Decrypt (FREE)
Devart® SQL Complete ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
ApexSQL Refactor (FREE)
SSMSBoost® SSMSBoost ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
ApexSQL Refactor (FREE)
SoftTree® SQL Assistant ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
ApexSQL Refactor (FREE)
SSMS Tools Pack® SSMSToolsPack ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
Test data generation RedGate® SQL Data Generator ApexSQL Generate (professional edition)
RedGate® SQL Toolbelt ApexSQL Developer
ApexSQL Backup
ApexSQL Monitor
RedGate® SQL Toolbelt Essentials ApexSQL Developer
Idera® SQL Management Suite ApexSQL Monitor
ApexSQL Audit
ApexSQL Backup
ApexSQL Defrag
Idera® SQL Performance Suite ApexSQL Monitor
ApexSQL BI Monitor
ApexSQL Job (SOON)
Idera® SQL Maintenance Suite ApexSQL Backup
ApexSQL Defrag
ApexSQL Job (SOON)

Upgrades apply to competitive products with current support and upgrades. Contact for discounts for competitive products without current support and upgrades.

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