ApexSQL Newsletter
  September 2008


* New! ApexSQL Doc 2008
* New! ApexSQL Code 2008
* New! ApexSQL Diff API
* What's New: Stay Tuned!
* What's Next: Upcoming Releases
ApexSQL Doc 2008: Document SSIS Packages and more!

The new ApexSQL Doc 2008 includes support for SQL Server Integration Services so you can now
document your SSIS Packages. Compared to previous versions, ApexSQL Doc 2008 performs
documentation faster. Multiple servers, databases, and packages can
all be documented at the same time. It also comes with its own extended properties editor so adding descriptions to your database objects is quick and easy.

Check out ApexSQL Doc 2008 on our What's New page for links to data sheets and videos.

ApexSQL Code 2008: New Look, More Functionality

The 2008 version of ApexSQL Code has been released. This major version of ApexSQL's code generation tool has a fully-redesigned Schema Explorer, a more usable interface, plus a new project paradigm that allows you to generate code for multiple templates simultaneously.

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With the new ApexSQL Code 2008, you can group templates for greater processing power, easily create new templates using the new Template Wizard, ...and more!

Check out ApexSQL Code 2008 on our What's New page to know more about ApexSQL Code 2008's new features.

New Product: ApexSQL Diff Programmable API

ApexSQL recently released ApexSQL Diff API: a programmable API that allows you to use ApexSQL Diff's comparison and synchronization engine in your own applications.

Incorporate it to your own apps and use it to find differences between two data sources (online or offline databases) and port differences or changes from one data source to another.

This programmable API, like its standalone counterpart, compares and synchronizes both schema and data, creates database snapshots, and generates detailed reports. You can use it for automated and scheduled builds. It also comes with a working example.

Click here to download and try it. Visit ApexSQL Diff API's product page for other helpful links.

What's New: Stay tuned!

We recently launched our What's New page which contains updated information on products and versions that we are releasing. We encourage you to check often to keep yourself posted on what's new.

What's Next: Upcoming Releases

Our Development teams are definitely keeping themselves busy! Below are ApexSQL's upcoming new products and major releases:

* ApexSQL Data Diff 2008
* ApexSQL Diff 2008
* ApexSQL Edit 2008
* ApexSQL Log 2008
* ApexSQL Recover 2008
* ApexSQL SSIS Compare

Check out our What's Next page for detailed previews.