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March 2008



* New Product: ApexSQL Enforce is out!
* Doc 2008: A Sneak Peak
* New Free Utility: ApexSQL Snapshot Utility

New Product Announcement: ApexSQL Enforce is out!

On March 2008, ApexSQL released ApexSQL Enforce to production. ApexSQL Enforce is a revolutionary new solution for Industry Best Practices adherence and Custom Standards enforcement for SQL Server Databases. ApexSQL Enforce empowers users to create complex custom rules by leveraging the full power of programming languages like C# and VB.NET.

With ApexSQL Enforce, you can enforce naming and coding conventions on your SQL Server databases, verify if your SQL Servers' settings are optimal, and automatically fix or reverse any standard violation.

ApexSQL Enforce comes with a set of Best Practices rules that can be used immediately on your own databases. Unlike some SQL standardization tools that are currently in the market, ApexSQL Enforce also allows you to create your own customized rules.

Visit the ApexSQL Enforce product page for more information. Click here to try.

Selected Screenshots of Features

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Sneak Peak at ApexSQL Doc 2008: Document SSIS Packages!

The new ApexSQL Doc 2008 adds support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services--so not only will it deliver automated documentation for your databases, it will also deliver the same for your SSIS Packages. ApexSQL Doc 2008 can document multiple databases and SSIS packages at the same time.  ApexSQL Doc 2008 will also use a new technology that ensures faster and better documentation performance.

It will come with its own extended properties editor that will make it easier to add descriptions to your database objects resulting to more comprehensive documentations. Click here for more screenshots. COMING SOON!

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New Utility: ApexSQL Snapshot Utility

This year, ApexSQL released a free utility to create snapshots--read-only binary files that store complete information of database schemas.  Before, the only way to create ApexSQL snapshots was through ApexSQL Diff which had the functionality embedded to it. The ApexSQL Snapshot Utility enables users to create snapshots without ApexSQL Diff. The utility is FREE and can be installed on multiple remote sites.

See Using ApexSQL's Snapshot Utility for more information. Click here for a free download. 

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