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February 2008



* New Product: ApexSQL Enforce Beta
* New Bundle: ApexSQL Dev. Studio (Lite)

New Product: ApexSQL Enforce Beta

On February 2008, ApexSQL released a beta version of ApexSQL Enforce. ApexSQL Enforce is a revolutionary new solution for Industry Best Practices adherence and Custom Standards enforcement for SQL Server Databases. ApexSQL Enforce empowers users to create complex custom rules by leveraging the power of full programming languages like C# and VB.NET.

Beta testers who send a significant amount of feedback to ApexSQL (through email or the Support Forum) get a free license of the product. 

With ApexSQL Enforce, you can enforce naming and coding conventions on your SQL Server databases, verify if your SQL Server's settings are optimal, and automatically fix or reverse any violation.

ApexSQL Enforce comes with a set of Best Practices rules that can be used immediately on your own database. Unlike Microsoft's SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer, ApexSQL Enforce also allows you to create your own customized rules.

Visit the ApexSQL Enforce product page for more information.

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New Bundle: ApexSQL Developer Studio (Lite)

ApexSQL recently launched ApexSQL Developer Studio (Lite) which includes all ApexSQL Developer Studio products except ApexSQL Edit. This bundle targets those SSMS/Query Analyzer enthusiasts who find no need for another SQL Editor but would like to have the additional ability to compare and synchronize databases, audit database changes, find database dependencies, generate code quickly, document databases, and convert database schema and data into scripts.

ApexSQL Developer Studio (Lite) includes 6 products: ApexSQL Audit, ApexSQL Clean, ApexSQL Code, ApexSQL Diff, ApexSQL Doc, and ApexSQL Script.

Email Sales for pricing information or call Toll Free 1-866-665-5500 (U.S. and Canada).

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