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ApexSQL developer tool editions

All tools * – other Community Standard Professional
Command line interface
All tools – data sources Community Standard Professional
SQL Server Express
Azure SQL Database
SQL Server on Amazon RDS
SQL Server Standard and SQL Server Enterprise
All tools – inputs
ApexSQL (proprietary) schema snapshot
Live database
Script folder
Source control project, label
Native backup
All tools  - outputs Community Standard Professional
SQL script
Script folder
Source control project, label
Database installer, package (e.g. Executable installer, C# solution)
All tools  – integration Community Standard Professional
SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
Visual Studio
Source control
Data compare - ApexSQL Data Diff Community Standard Professional
Custom comparison key
Reports (HTML)
Exports (CSV and Excel)
Impact analysis e.g. warnings and messages
Object mapping
Source control integration
Pre and post synchronization scripts
Decrypting - ApexSQL Decrypt Free N/A N/A
Decryption scripts
SQL Server object decryption
Developer productivity - ApexSQL Complete Free N/A N/A
SQL code auto-completion
SQL code auto-replacements
Code structure viewer
Search results
Tab navigation
Tab coloring
Locating objects
Object definition
Object description
Test mode
Automatic tab renaming
Executed queries
Go to object
Copy query result as
Documentation - ApexSQL Doc Community Standard Professional
Server objects
Database objects
Extended property editor
XML comments (custom tags)
CHM output
Dependency documentation
HTML output
PDF output
Word (DOCX) output
Integration services (SSIS) documentation
Analysis services (SSAS) documentation
Reporting services (SSRS) documentation
Documentation styles
Custom descriptions via extended properties
Graphical dependencies
Data model diagrams
Schema compare - ApexSQL Diff Community Standard Professional
Reports (HTML)
Exports (XML)
Schema mapping
Filterable difference types
Source control integration
Pre and post synchronization scripts
Integration services (SSIS) package comparison
Formatting - ApexSQL Refactor Free N/A N/A
Batch formatting
Impact preview
Pre-defined formatting profiles e.g. SQL Server Books Online
SQL code refactoring - ApexSQL Refactor Free N/A N/A
Batch refactoring (expand wildcards, qualify object names)
Wildcard replacement
Split table
Safe renaming of objects
Find unused variables and parameters
Object name qualifying
Add surrogate key
Change parameters
Replace one-to-many-relationship
Copy SQL code to client code e.g. C#
Encapsulate SQL code as e.g. Procedure, Function etc.
Search - ApexSQL Search Free N/A N/A
Object search
Text search
Graphical dependency analysis
Safe renaming of objects
Extended properties editor
Database analysis - ApexSQL Clean N/A N/A Professional
Graphical dependency analysis
External database analysis
Client code analysis e.g. C#
Source control - ApexSQL Source Control ** N/A N/A Professional
Dedicated development model
Shared development model
Object locking
Object filtering
Revision history
Change log
Static data
Working folder
Branching / merging
Native driver support (vs CLI)
Development policies
Built-in difference merging
Migration scripts
Scripting - ApexSQL Script Community Standard Professional
Permissions scripting
Data scripting
Schema scripting
Schema mapping
Source control integration
Test data - ApexSQL Generate N/A N/A Professional
Pre-defined generators
Table mapping (from SQL table/view or CSV file)
Cross-column generator with built-in functions
Exports including XML, SQL, CSV, JSON and Excel
User-defined generators
Include/exclude dependent tables
Test data generation by time
Weighted lists (custom or from file)
Constraints recognition (check, unique, relationships…)
"Filler" text generators (Lorem ipsum, text shuffler, and sentence generator)
Regular expression generator with predefined snippets
Manual Foreign key generator
Dependency viewer
Trigger based auditing - ApexSQL Trigger N/A N/A Professional
Auditing customization
Centralized auditing model
Auditing triggers management
DDL auditing
Auditing reports
Auditing reports customization
Audited data management
Email alert upon changes
SQL Unit testing - ApexSQL Unit Test N/A N/A Professional
Unit test creation
Unit test execution
Reports in XML
Exports in CSV, Excel 2017
Continuous integration N/A N/A Professional
Test data generation
Unit test execution
Database builds from source control 2017
Invalid objects checks 2017
Source control and target database synchronization 2017
Build and deployment - ApexSQL Build N/A N/A Professional
Database deployment directly from source control
Script refactoring (for proper execution order)
Multiple script consolidation

*     When the feature exists and the tool has different editions
**    First 3 licenses of ApexSQL Source Control per company, are free