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Why ApexSQL?

Great software

We strive to ensure that every one of our tools is a "Best of Class" product in its product class, from feature set, to performance, to interface, to quality. We know you won't be happy with anything less, and neither will we. Our many testimonials from over 10,000 customers underscore our commitment to this goal

Great ROI

We are constantly adding new products and adding value to our existing products ensuring the maximum ROI for our customers who have invested in Support & Upgrades Subscription plans

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Great bundles

ApexSQL has one of the largest numbers of SQL Developer tools in the industry. These software bundles, like ApexSQL Developer allow convenient download, install and purchase of an entire set of tools, all at a big discount. Take a look for more bundles

Great quality

We’ve invested heavily in quality, from a large QA team, to proprietary software developed specifically to test our own software, to a vibrant customer engagement effort that rewards defect reports, to complete transparency via alphas, betas, and even nightly experimental builds

Great support

Our goal is to provide the best support in the industry on a daily basis. Our dedicated team is focused on answering every question in a simple direct manner, researching the issue so you don’t have to, and resolving your issue as quickly as possible. To learn more about our team and our product support visit our Support center

Great service

We firmly believe our customer service team is truly awesome as evidenced by our many customer testimonials. We don’t want our customers to have to go through contact forms or search through FAQs to get an answer to a question. Any service question, issue, problem or concern can just be emailed to to get a prompt and professional reply. To learn more about our team and our services visit our Service center

Great community

We not only value our community we rely on it to provide critical feedback on our tools. We take community feedback, suggestions, criticisms and act on them to improve our software. We host a dedicated product support forum available to any evaluator or customer, regardless of Support & Upgrades Subscription level. We offer early access via alphas, betas, experiment and nightly releases and if needed customer specific patches

Great people

Our people are our DNA, representing a diverse cross section of knowledge workers from around the world, including 7 countries and 10 languages. Here is a glimpse of the many faces that make up ApexSQL