ApexSQL Source Control

SQL source control integration

Powerful, feature rich source control integration
for SQL developers

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         You guys are writing a great tool - keep up the great work. We're getting this tool for our developer team
Jerry Kurtz
OHIC Insurance Company

 SQL version and source control directly from SSMS

 Check in, check out, get latest and more

 Work natively with Subversion and TFS

 Integrates with ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Build

SQL database and object versioning

Version control databases or individual objects directly from SSMS

Native support for the most popular source control providers

Including Subversion, Team Foundation Server and SourceGear Vault

Object history tracking

Apply or roll back the latest changes directly to or from SQL source control

Batch operation processing

Perform source control operations on multiple objects simultaneously

Object comparison

Pinpoint discrepancies between live and versioned objects

Version-aware editing

Apply changes to live objects without needing to synchronize with SQL source control

Customizable object mapping

Map some, most or all of your objects to source control using a powerful wizard

Visual object editing

Edit all versioned SQL objects using a powerful visual editor

Deployment tracking

Determine if the latest updates have been applied to your databases