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Integrate source control directly into SSMS
Use dedicated or shared development models
View conflicts and resolve directly in the UI
View a detailed history of changes
Lock objects to prevent overwrites
Set team policies for check outs and locks
Apply changes with dependency aware scripts
Create and apply label from source control


Popular source control systems support

Native support for all the most popular source control systems including Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, and Team Foundation Server

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Choice of database development models

Support for simultaneous work on dedicated and shared databases

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Object filtering

Exclude objects from source control by schema, type or specific objects Learn more

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Action center

Work with the latest object changes in real time Learn more

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Batch operation processing

Perform source control operations on multiple objects simultaneously

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Conflict resolution

Merge changes with either a built-in or third-party script diff/merge tools Learn more

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Object locking

Check out and lock objects in order to prevent others from making changes

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Change rollback

Undo the latest changes made against selected objects

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Historical view

See the complete history of all object changes

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Static data support

Place your static data under source control for easier tracking of changes Learn more

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Create labels and get by label easily Learn more

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Database policies

Set source control implementation rules by using policies Learn more

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Objects status

See the current status of objects in a shared database Learn more

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Change log

Track who made changes, when, and on which objects in a shared database

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Offline mode

Ability to work offline for distributed source control systems Learn more

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Working folder

Link database to any folder in the file system

Migration scripts

Attach migration scripts to your schema changes so that they can be applied seamlessly

Command Line Interface support

Integrate ApexSQL Source Control with any SC system that supports the CLI by using configuration files

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The roadmap does not show maint only releases

ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R2 Released ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R3 Released ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R6 Released ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R9 Q3 ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R10 Q4 ApexSQL Source Control 2016 R1 Q4
Changes management
Real time monitoring of database changes in Action Center
Monitor added objects
Monitor deleted objects
Monitor renamed objects
Monitor edited objects
Mark objects as edited in Object Explorer
View the current status of the objects
Edit objects from SSMS
Check in object
Set object as checked out
Set object as locked
Commit individual objects to source control through Action center
Commit changes as batch through Action center
Check in / Commit individual object changes through Object Explorer
Apply individual objects changes to database
Apply changes to database as batch
View detailed history of the source control project
Database policies
Prevent objects from being edited before locked / checked out
Logging of changes made to the database schema
Objects filtering
Exclude database objects from source control by schema, type or specific objects
Export / import object change tracking settings
Exclude / Include single object through Object Explorer
Exclude objects that are only on source control repository by schema, type or specific objects
Work offline for dedicated database
Work offline for shared database
Easily object filtering in all forms with built in filter fields
Support for source-controlling static data
Delete static data from source control repository
Working folder
CLI support for major source control systems
Support for migration scripts
Ability to place folders with scripts under source control
Associate bug ID when commit
Create new branch
Merge projects
SQL Server 2016 support
ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R2 Released ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R3 Released ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R6 Released ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R9 Q3 ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R10 Q4 ApexSQL Source Control 2016 R1 Q4


I've been quite happy with the ApexSQL Source Control tool.

Bryan Johns

Hobbyist/OSS developer

I have been impressed with ApexSQL’s excellent range of products that meet essential needs at cost-effective prices compared to their competitors. I have enjoyed the experiences with the products that I have used but beyond anything, I have been really impressed with the quality and speed of their service. Any issues that I have had, have been speedily and effectively resolved with excellent communication at all times.

Robert Blomstrand

Senior Database and .Net Developer Consultant

We are really satisfied with ApexSQL Source Control tool and really pleased to be part of your success. Congratulations!

Felipe Souza

Linear Code

Really good product, really pleased I found you guys on the web

Martin Horton

IT Manager

Hospital Metalcraft Ltd.

I was waiting for a tool like this one, it's really helpful

Adrian Di Ruggiero

Senior software developer

Really loving the Apex SQL offerings. You are now our first choice for SQL tools.

Michael Wolfe

Engineering Supervisor


Very nice product. Visually nice and so far has been a good experience.

Ron Richardson

IT Development Manager – CES

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ApexSQL Source Control
2015 R8
Red Gate® Source Control
SQL Server management studio 2008 R2 - 2014
Object filtering
Project history
Change log
Static data
Migration scripts R10
Working folder R9
Branching / merging
Native driver support
      Team Foundation Server
Object locking
Object check out
Check out and lock policies
Built-in difference merging
Database level object status
Pricing * $299 (per user) $495 (per user)

* Pricing comparison as of 7/21/2015

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