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Search for SQL objects
Quickly find data in SQL tables
Visualize relationships between objects
Edit extended properties
Easily navigate to result objects
Rename SQL objects safely


SQL object search

Search for objects or text in database object definitions

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Text search

Search for text, numbers, dates and unique identifiers in your tables and views

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Safe rename

Rename tables, procedures, views, functions and columns without breaking dependencies

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Graphical dependencies

Visualize even the most complex relationships between SQL objects

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Accurate analysis

Recognize all object interdependencies; even the ones SQL Server itself fails to identify

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Visual extended description editing

Add or edit descriptions for your database objects using extended properties

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Customizable SQL search

Specify the object types to be searched

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Results browsing

Group, sort and filter SQL search results

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Quick navigation

Navigate to the found object in a single click

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Search history

Quickly access previously searched objects with automatically saved searches

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Query editor renaming

Identify the content of open query windows by automatically renaming them

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I downloaded ApexSQL Search and it worked like a charm, I'm really impressed and I'll definitely try the other ones.

Ricardo Lourenço

Senior Software Developer

Whether or not I get the privilege of becoming part of your paying ApexSQL team, I’m already a free member who loves your Refactor and Search immensely! :)

Dan Yoachelson

SQL Developer

Logexsoft, Inc.

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