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Work with backups just like with live databases
Mount backups to a specific point in time
Speed up SQL database restores
Access data and objects directly inside backups
Attach backups directly from network drives
Modify data without altering backup files


Transparent SQL restores

Access mounted databases using any database management tool like SQL Server Management Studio

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Point in time restore

Restore your database from full, differential, and transaction log backups to an exact point in time

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Continuous integration

Speed up your testing environment by re-attaching previously attached backup sets in a single click

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Data and object manipulation

Work with data and objects stored in backups, just like with live databases including accessing, changing, or deleting them without altering the physical backup files

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Support for multiple data source types

Attach full and differential database backups and transaction log backups as live databases

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Compressed backup support

Mount both native and natively compressed database backups

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Quick overview

Review the currently attached backups and their properties including the amount of space

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How to use ApexSQL Restore

This knowledgebase article describes how to attach native or natively compressed backups and backup sets, including full and differential database backups as well as transaction log backups

When to use ApexSQL Restore

This knowledgebase article describes scenarios where ApexSQL Restore is very useful

How to restore to a point in time using ApexSQL Restore

This article explains how to utilize ApexSQL Restore to restore a backup to a specific point in time

How to restore specific table(s) from a SQL Server database backup

This Solution center article explains how to save time and a large amount of space on the SQL Server, by virtually restoring a database with ApexSQL Restore


It did it's job well, and I'll recommend it for a future purchase if I ever see a need for it in a business setting.

André Ferreira

Software Developer

Gecko New Media

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