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A powerful T-SQL formatter
      A collection of amazing code refactors

Version: 2013.04
"The ApexSQL Refactor is a great help, and I'm glad to have found something that works well and is easy!"

Michael Jenkins, Programmer/Analyst, International Mission Board See more

 Format and refactor code directly in SSMS or VS for FREE

 Qualify objects, expand wildcards, encapsulate SQL and more

 Locate and highlight unused variables and parameters

 SQL formatter with over 160 formatting options and 11 code refactors

 Datasheet: Formatting screen mockups and examples

Consistent code layouts

Improve readability, consistency and standardization with SQL formatting. Easily define and share SQL coding standards among multiple developers

Explicit coding

Format your SQL code and eliminate implicit references by fully qualifying object names and replacing wildcards with actual column names

Code re-use

Convert SQL into a variety of popular client programming languages. Encapsulate lengthy blocks of SQL into database objects like views and procedures

Risk free SQL refactoring

Automatically update all dependent database objects on renaming or changing columns and parameters

Clean SQL code

Automatically highlight unused parameters and variables while typing

Modular development

Encapsulate lengthy blocks of SQL code as views, functions and procedures

Database design refactoring

Streamline your database design by replacing one to many relationships with associative tables. Leverage the performance benefits of replacing natural with surrogate keys and splitting large tables

Parameter management

Add or remove parameters and change their names, default values or data types without breaking dependencies