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ApexSQL Recover

#1 in SQL data recovery

Recover deleted, dropped, corrupted, or lost data

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         Just wanted to say thank you again. Did the recovery and it went very smooth! You guys rock!
Robert Mann
IT Director, Weeks Roses

 Recover lost data due to DELETE, TRUNCATE, DROP operations

 Recover BLOB data as files

 Extract data from database backups without restoring them

 Recover from transaction log and database backups

Why ApexSQL Recover?

Almost every SQL Server DBA has been faced with the challenge of recovering lost data. This knowledgebase article shows why ApexSQL Recover is invaluable SQL Server data recovery solution. Read more

SQL data recovery

Reverse inadvertent or malicious changes to your database

Reduced downtime

Restore only specific lost data and objects

Object level recovery

Extract and repair data from a SQL database backup without restoring it

SharePoint restores 

Recover deleted data and files from SharePoint

BLOB extraction and recovery

Recover deleted BLOBs and extract BLOBs stored in the database as files

Massive script execution

Execute unlimited size scripts directly from the GUI